Monday, April 15, 2013

House Project {Week 2}

(Don't let the title fool you...there was no week #1)

I've decided that it would be fun to document our most current house project in more detail than April (before) and August (after) photos.  So much is going to go into it, that I thought weekly would be most appropriate.  Since Shaun will be working 16-hour days, 7 days a week, there is not really a beginning and an end, so I think I'll be posting it on Mondays, partly because that's the day we closed.

Today marks the last day of tax season, so we've just been dabbling in it up til now.

 Shaun spotted an amazing deal on a patio set so we scooped it up.  I plan to spend LOTS of time out here with the rising sun and morning birds.
 Its fun watching the yard bloom...nature will provide small surprises for us throughout the year.

 This is my kitchen window and I was anxious to get a bird feeder outside of it.
 No porch is complete without a hanging basket.  :)
 Bird feeders and flowers aside, plumbing was the first order of know, getting running water and a working bathroom.

 These signs were EVERYwhere, but turns out the winterizing company wasn't good at much else but hanging signs.
 When the water got turned on, it went everywhere.  Leaking in my kitchen, office, all over the basement.  Argh!

 So much raking.
 Back to back days on these flowers.
 We've hired a plumber/heater guy to help out with some of the project.
 The yard has good bones, but has been neglected for a couple years.

And for fun, here are a couple Pins that have caught my eye.  A possibility for the the master shower.
 Just SO the blue.
 And gray.  I'm trying not to want to paint the entire house gray.


Melody said...

Yay, I'm really excited about weekly updates!
And happy "tax season is over" day.

Meg A. said...

Mmmm, love that grey pin! At least with grey there are SO many shades to love! :)

LuAnn said...

Just to let you know I will be enjoying these weekly posts.

Ashley Beth said...

The dawn chorus is one of my favorite parts of nature. Here's to many many mornings with the lovely birds and sunrises in your new home.

The Bug said...

I WAS trying to figure out how I'd missed Week 1 - ha!

This is going to be so exciting! I like the gray too - it's soothing & a great background to build on.