Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project 365, Week 17

I was curious to look back on the week of pictures to see what it was, but then it seems like the week was two days instead of seven.  It was lovely to have Sunday as a buffer before we ran headlong into our week after vacation.

I'm making an attempt to have photos for 365 that do not have something to do with the house.  Not bad this week, although every singe one was taken at the new place.

Hopefully you've had a great week....doesn't the warmer weather help so much?

April 21
A slowish day after our trip.  The kids set up shop at the new house.

 April 22
While I was home with sleeping kids, Shaun and Z built this crude platform for our water heater.  The next day in the car Z said to me excitedly, So...I had some quality father/son time last night.  Wow!  That's the first time in his young life he's ever been able to say that.  He struck gold getting Shaun for a dad, that's for sure.
 April 23
My helper.
 April 24
The kids are out in the yard all the time and spent this evening riding bikes...and I didn't even need to load them in the car and bring them somewhere!
 April 25
Apparently Aiden's a professional cyclist....I'm guessing this is a Pop thing??
 ...and always thinks to pick flowers for his momma.

April 26
These girls were playing grocery store.
April 27

How is my sweet firstborn growing so fast?!?
 I'm sorry for throwing dirt at you.


sara said...

ok those last two were so sweet!! And I used to put rubber bands on my pant legs when I rode my bike as a kid!!! Getting them caught in the chain was no fun!!

Amy said...

I love this week! Love the Z moment, the pretty pic of Avery, the goggles, and the 2 pic of Aiden and Alayna are hilarious!

Sienna said...

Alayna was looking at this with me and said "Mommy, that was me saying sorry to Aiden and giving him a hug? I love Aiden momma!" And she asks everyday now to go play with HER cousins! So sweet!

The Bug said...

Those two little cousins are just precious - so sweet!

I think Z lucked out pretty well in getting BOTH of you, actually :)