Monday, May 13, 2013

House Project {Week 6}

I don't really have a ton of pictures this week, partly because I wasn't around as much.  I was working (at my jobs) and doing meetings and trainings and the days vanished almost before they began.

Shaun and the plumber worked on pipe stuff quite a bit.  I wish I could be more specific, but I'm guessing most of you are like me and "plumbing stuff" is a sufficient explanation.  

 The lawn got mowed for our first pretty, and even more so now that we had a couple days of rain.
 My beautiful, fragrant lilacs by the driveway.
 I finished up the scraping on the side of the garage.  Doesn't it look great?  :)
 This was the first real rain we've had since moving in.  We deducted that the gutter system needs some attention and the basement is mostly dry, though dry where it counts.
 Its been decided this will be the girls this spot where the washer and dryer once was, we'll put in a shower.
 All or most of these pipes are now useless so Shaun has been sawsall-ing away, clearing it out.  A closet in the hallway???
 Shaun and Avery were laying out the girls room.  We are stealing a corner of it for a closet plus building them a closet on the opposite side.

 This is my kitchen ceiling...
 ...and we got another toilet up and running.  Hot water, too!
 Speaking of plumbing, there was a little "episode".
Please feel free to ask questions as we are going along and I'll be happy to answer them!  Here's a couple I've been asked:

How long do you expect this to take?

We would love to be moved by the middle of August.  That would be the optimal time to get renters into our house.  We are pretty committed to having the new place done and ready before we move in.. We done the remodel-while-you-live-in-the-house thing and its no bueno, especially with children.

How often are you home?

Hardly ever.  We do the morning school routine and then Shaun, Aiden and I spend most of the day at the new place.  After school, the kids change and bring their homework.  Sometimes they help, often they play outside....riding bikes, playing baseball, playing house or hide-n-seek.  Then around 7 we'll head home and I will give my best effort of putting dinner on the table having not been home all day.  (I've been looking into freezer to crockpot recipes).

Of course there are many exceptions to this routine (such as baseball in the evenings), but it is becoming just that...a routine.

Looking to do this for my kitchen ceiling.  We have this in our entryway now and I love it.

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