Sunday, May 26, 2013

Project 365, Week 21

As I was thinking about putting this post together, I was wondering if I had any non-house renovation pictures....and I do, though they mostly highlight my Aiden-guy.  He and I are together a LOT, which we're both pretty happy about.  Three is awesome!

May 19
One of the side effects of having two older sisters. (Not pictured are his Spiderman underwear sticking out of the bottom of the tutu.)

 My cousin stopped by for several quick hours and we were on a mission to come up with and start implementing a plan to compile the information we have gathered on the grandparents we never knew.
It is a fascinating story...a tragic love story.
 May 20
Enjoying watermelon (a good one!) on the porch.
 May 21
It was Earth Day at the girls' school, so Aiden and I went to take pictures of all the hard workers.

 May 22
Sweet, sweet boy after a hard day's work, going to watch his brother play baseball.

 May 23
My buddy.  He was such good company as we drove quite a ways to pick up the dishwasher and go to the window store and then he fell asleep.
 May 24
I had quite a few hours alone to work on packing.  I was sorting through baby clothes and it was kind of sad.  Each outfit brings up a different memory (the happy part) but Aiden will never wear those clothes again or be that small again (the sad part).  Sigh.

 That it will never come again is what makes this life so sweet. ~ Emily Dickenson

May 25
We are doing respite this weekend for T.  The kids showed him his room and the bathroom and then they were on the basketball court.  He's 16 but gets along really well with Amanda and Aiden.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.  I'm so very grateful to live in and be a citizen of this country.  God bless America!!


Michele said...

Awww, love the pictures of Aiden in the little outfits! I've been trying to go thru clothes and organize etc. and so understand! Precious babies to us always! :-)

The Bug said...

Love Aiden's dirty face - he is all boy (although I guess maybe Amanda can have a dirty face sometimes too can't she).