Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House Project {Week 27}

Its been a couple weeks since I posted an update on the house.  Mostly, because there isn't much to tell.    We were in Italy for two of the weeks and also Shaun has changed his focus to the couple vacancies we have, namely our old house.  It would be such a blessing to get someone in there before the winter.

Back to the new house over the last four weeks...

My office is pretty well done.  Shaun put his new desk together so now we are office mates.  :)  Actually, he's usually on his laptop in the living room, but sometimes we're together.

I'm old school...I like to be sitting at my desktop where I have everything I need.  I do use my iPad, but that's primarily to read in bed at night.

Just need to get some pictures hung and then I'll call it good.

 Shaun finished moving the trees up onto the stone wall.  The barrier is much more effective now.  Thankfully, we really have no complains about the three apartments filled with college boys behind us.  Normally there are parties on Thursday and a weekend night, but its inside and they close it down around 11....and no garbage in our yard.  Actually, Shaun is the only one affected....the rest of us sleep through any noise.
 Our new heat pump, or is it furnace?? was delivered and is ready to be installed.

 The enormous, beautiful trees have begun changing.  Soon there will be a whole lot of raking to do.
 Aiden has spent hours digging in the dirt, loading his dump truck, dumping it a foot away and then repeating.

Aiden's room is the next one we hope to complete.
 All four windows will be replaced, but it looks better already, dontchya think?
The first couple times we looked at the house, I could no get over how ugly the countertops were.  Of all the beautiful granites in the world, why oh why would you choose this one?  I was sure that it would have to go. 

But, over time it grew on me and now I actually like it (but I don't mind if you don't).  Since its so busy and umm...rare, it was a challenge to find the coordinating pieces we needed for the new part of the kitchen.

I spent lots of time looking and thinking, since I considered it to be somewhat of a final decision.

Lucky for us, we have a granite yard close by.  So many choices, though I was sure I wanted a remnant to keep the cost down.
They cut the two pieces and rounded the edges and Shaun picked it up and installed it when we got back from our trip.  I am so, SO happy with it.


LuAnn said...

LOOKS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bug said...

I've said it before & I'll say it again - love your office!

Amy said...

You turned the drawers around! Looks great!