Friday, October 11, 2013

October's 10 (ish) on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

4:30 AM
I spent two quiet hours at the old house, a little packing and lots of cleaning.  

If you get frustrated with your family for always making messes that you have to clean, just know that even if no one lived there, it would still need to be cleaned.  Dust grows exponentially, I think.

I enjoy cleaning and it felt so nice and comfortable to be taking care of that house again.  You know what's strange, though?  I had trouble locating light switches, something that used to be an unconscious thought.
 6:30 AM
My front porch is worth the price of the house.  :) Really enjoying working my way through the Book of Acts right now.
 8 AM
Walking to school.  Some days are happy, some are not.  Today was a good day.
 9 AM
Momma, I'm awake, come get me.  A highlight of everyday is seeing this big grin first thing in the morning.
 10 AM
Time for my bi-annual trip to the hair salon.  Aiden came prepared to entertain himself, but there was a TV going and the receptionist put on cartoons.

She said she put on one and Aiden said, I don't know if I'm allowed to watch this, so she switched it.  :)  Then a commercial came on and he asked her if she would turn the movie back on.  He said, this isn't what happens at home...the movie just keeps going and going.  Poor deprived kid growing up without TV.  :)
11:30 AM
Highlights are touched up...(worth noting, when Shaun came home later this night, he noticed right away....points!)
 12 PM
Back at the old house.  Hard to see in this picture, but that little yellow house on the right has a truck in the driveway.  They were removing two old vehicles that have been sitting there, not running for the past 10?? years.

I guess better late than never, just would've been nice to enjoy the view without the cars.
 1 PM
Half day pick up!!
 2 PM
Parent/teacher conferences.  When we came out, Amanda's friends who were staying after school came running to her to hug her and talk.  So sweet.
 3 PM
More conferences, this time at the high school.  The "little" kids caused quite a stir around there.
 4 PM
R needed ingredients for the baked good he is bringing to church for a sale.  While there, I had him try on some pants....his wardrobe is, um....lacking.
 5 PM
Aiden was losing the no-nap-for-two-straight-days battle.
 Soccer is the sport of the week around here.
 6 PM
A banner week for Aiden....he got to have dessert twice since he ate dinner twice (pizza and leftover pizza).  Most nights he goes to bed with just a little milk in his belly.
6:30 PM
Bedtime story...What Snowmen Do At Night...and then sleepy time for Aiden-Guy.
 Amanda was helping Avery learn her lines for the Thanksgiving play at school.
 7 PM
Pickup from driver's ed.


The Bug said...

There are no ropes in soccer! Did Amanda do a Tarzan yell & swing out & kick it? (I would have - ha!)

Love the highlights - looking good!

And now I want pizza.

sara said...

haha..I love Bugs comment!!!

So, have you ever heard of Norwex cloths? If not, you need to research (or call me) dust problem has been cut in 1/2 since I starting using long to write how. I use them for all my more toxic cleaners for me! :)

pop said...

What a joy to see what is happening in all your lives! Amanda and friends at school is so...Amanda!

pop said...

What a joy to see what is happening in all your lives! Amanda and friends at school is so...Amanda!