Friday, February 28, 2014


Perhaps one of the most searched for videos in our Youtube history is "sharks".  National Geographic has some good ones and Aiden can sit for hours watching them.  We also have several books that he just loves to look through, naming all the sharks.

When I found out our local aquarium was putting on Shark Week, I knew we had to go!  My original thought was to bring all the kids, but a snowday thwarted those plans.

On Thursday morning when Aiden woke up I asked him if he would like to go see some sharks and got an emphatic yes, with a fist pump.  He immediately went up stairs to get dressed and put on bright clothes "so the sharks can see me!"

In the car he asked, Is it going to be like Petco?

Once inside, we made a beeline for the big shark tank.  My mighty warrior grabbed his momma's hand and didn't let go much of the day.  :)  We were up close and personal with ferocious sharks!

We were there in time to see the sea lion show, which made me miss the dolphin show they used to have.
I really didn't take too many pictures...I was trying to just be in the moment with my little date and enjoying his sense of wonder (plus he wasn't wanting to let go of my hand!), but I did get a couple and Dory was upon request, and the orange one (Aiden's favorite color).

Much of the aquarium exhibits are outside, which is less than spectacular in February.  Still, it was a nice day to wander outside.

A successful day!  He was so appreciative that I'd taken him and recognized how special it was that he and I got that time together.  What a guy!


Meg A. said...

Such a sweet day! I love that he wanted to know if it was like Petco! Must've rocked his world! :)

LuAnn said...

awww - what a great day for you both !!!!