Monday, November 10, 2014

Doing Battle, Week 7

Are we having fun yet??  This week started out with Round #2.  When we walked into the room it was pretty empty and Shaun asked where I'd like to sit.  I said How about our window spot from last time.  Wait...did I just say "our spot"??

We started the morning with a blood draw plus.  We had agreed to be part of a research program, which only required my blood donation, so about six large vials were taken for that purpose.  Then we met with the doctor for 90 seconds and he was pleased to hear we'd had minimal problems from the last treatment and reported my red and white and platelet counts were "perfect".  Good news!  Really good news!

We set up shop in "our spot".  A couple hours in I started to feel tightness in my chest so the nurse paused the treatment while keeping tabs on my vitals, which stayed good.  She was concerned it was an allergic reaction but after about 30 minutes the tightness went away and we finished out the treatment.

Shortly after we got home I laid on the couch and tried to help Amanda with her homework while Shaun and Avery were at the grocery store.  When Shaun got home and saw me he suggested I retire to bed.  I did, and that's where I stayed for the next 36 hours.  

Over that course I had flu-like symptoms including a fever we closely monitored.  When it got over the 100.5 threshold set forth by the doctor we called the on-call doctor, who said to take Tylenol and to go to the ER if the fever didn't drop.

It fluctuated up and down but together Shaun and I decided the ER was a very last resort and that what I was most likely experiencing was an allergic reaction and not an infection (though I was sure I would pick up an infection if we went to the ER!)

The 36 hours were intense, though mercifully I was in some state of sleep for all but about two hours.  Shaun came in regularly to check on me and give me pills and water.

Late Wednesday morning we went back to get the pump off, something the whole family is happy to see go.

I've improved daily and just have lingering hives from that episode.

Because of the reaction, we'll have to do something different for next time.  My case manager (Shaun) is working on the details of that.  I'm so grateful for him.  In a thousand ways but specifically right now he is reading and doing research and making phone calls to make sure I have the best doctors, the best treatment for my particular case in our particular situation.  Every cancer is SO different, every person SO different, there are no on-size-fits-all answers.  I'm so blessed to have someone so competent working so diligently on my behalf.

I made a little headway in sorting through the bills and insurance statements that have started to pour in.  We met the darlingest little lady volunteer from the American Cancer Society during my treatment on Monday and she gave me a few pointers for organizing that piece of all this.

Shaun and I have both been picking at projects that a) help us feel better about things now or b) that we know will be helpful in the short-term future.

For instance, I cleared the baseball and soccer gear out of the mudroom and went through the kids winter gear and made sure everyone has what they need in a size that will fit.  It gives me peace of mind that whatever state I'm in, when the first snowflakes fall, the kids will be able to be out the door properly dressed.

I've been enjoying weekly FaceTime chats with my friend of 25 years who currently live in Colorado.  We both dislike talking on the phone and up to this point we've been satisfied to have a low maintenance relationship that doesn't have expectations...we've always been happy to pick up where we left off during the couple times a year we see each other.  
 Beauty and fragrance fill the kitchen and make me smile.
 I am warm and surrounded with love!  This stack of homemade goodness speaks volumes of love to me, and the kids and I enjoy snuggling under them!  They were all covered in prayer before I received them and each one represents special people and beautiful stories.

I look forward to giving them to my grandchildren one day and telling them of God's faithfulness.

Please pray for wisdom as we go into this week.  We (Shaun) have some important decisions to make about how (not if) we are going to change up the next treatment.  

So much love to all of you who take the time to come to this space and check on us and then keep us in your thoughts and prayers throughout the week.  What a gift to have People.


Amy said...

How sweet is it that people volunteer in such facets to help you with all the insurance stuff. It's neat to see people with different passions, talents, and interests serving. Glad you're feeling better now. That stack of blankets is so touching!

The Bug said...

Love & prayers from Ohio!