Sunday, November 9, 2014

Project 365, Week 45

Since I have no conclusive thoughts about the week, I'll let you get right to the pictures, more than half taken with a cell phone or iPad, which is probably only significant to me.

November 2
These two like to play "trade money".  They never fight when they are playing it, so I haven't gotten involved and really don't know what it entails, though I think we all know how these older/younger sibling money games work out in the end.
 November 3
Back in my corner office.
November 4
No picture.

November 5
In the last couple weeks the dumb dog, who had a previous stellar history, has taken to sneaking out of the yard for an hour or two at a time so we're keeping him tied up when no one is outside.  Shaun sent Amanda outside to do her reading so she could babysit.
 Over two nights we watched Pollyanna together, one my siblings and I enjoyed as kids.  Playing the "Glad Game" is how I like to do life.  :)
 November 6
Making the most of their go play with the dog orders.
 November 7
Couch jumping event.  Aiden's been wearing that "wristband" for a couple weeks.  Its a sock whose hole in the toe finally got big enough to put a hand through.  Practical, that one.
November 8
Grandma and Great-Grandpa recently merged households....when we went to visit, Aiden made himself right at home.

 For the first time in way too long, all six of us sat down together at the same time for dinner....Amanda even made place cards for everyone when she and Aiden set the table.  We ate food made for us with love and shared our day's best and worst.  Shaun even had a small victory with a very hungry Aiden.

When I see this picture, I wonder when I'm going to replace that folding table with a real one.  Doesn't bother me too much, apparently.
I was supposed to have been at the Women of Faith conference this weekend with these precious ladies but opted not partake in the germ fest that is a civic center packed with people.  They sent me a 'thinking of you' picture.  Even thought they know how to blow dry hair and expertly apply makeup and accessorize and still they invite me into their circle.  ;)

I follow most of the speakers on Instagram, so I got lots of pictures from the event and also this gem:

Stop making what someone did to you greater than what Jesus did for you.  ~Christine Caine

I hope your week is fruitful.  Look for blessings...they are everywhere.


The Bug said...

Absolutely love that pic of Amanda outside with the dumb dog :)

Amy said...

Sorry you don't have any conclusive thoughts. I know it was a tough week. I wrote down that Christine quote yesterday. So profound! We missed you tons and your note about our selfie to you made me laugh!! The door looks great!