Friday, November 14, 2014

Signs of Life

Instead of seeing imperfections as thorns in my decorating flesh, I want to open my eyes and see them as signs of life.  These messes all stem from gifts in my life.  I still clean the mud off shoes (or make my boys do it), but I also know that if a neighbor walked in and saw a trail of mud, I wouldn't need to be embarrassed.  Its just proof of lives being lived, and houses are for living.  My home is a reflection of our life, and life's messes can be gloriously beautiful. ~The Nesting Place



sara said...

the sticker on the toilet seat just made me smile! I used to find stickers like that in the most unusual places.

The Bug said...

These posts always make me smile - especially when they remind me of my child-free home. Ha!

LuAnn said...

I love these pictures. Remember putting signs on my door when I was little only daddy was allowed. Oh that bugged my brothers.