Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November's 10 on 10

I'm feeling black and white this month and the times are definitely approximations.

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month (Monday)!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

11 AM
Aiden had been out late doing theater the night before, so we didn't see him until after 11.  He always comes down fully dressed, down to socks, usually with shoes in hand.  Then he gets to work on breakfast, since most days he didn't eat dinner the night before.
 12 PM
It was a beautiful day so Aiden went outside and scrounged up some important work to do.
 1 PM
My mom stopped by with food and took the girls on a little outing.  (The girls were off of school for a teacher in-service day...yay!)
 2 PM
Enjoying the day.
 2:30 PM
Waiting for cousins to arrive.
 3 PM
Pop and Kiki brought some food over too and got to see nine grandkids in one shot.  :)
 4 PM
Amy brought food (we are WELL cared for!!) and stayed for a wonderful visit.  She's had a cough so I hadn't seen her in two weeks.  :(  We had a nice quiet conversation since we banished the kids outside to minimize the possibility of germ-spreading.
 5 PM
Aiden slept through our morning school session, so Amanda did it with him before dinner.
6 PM
Shaun is plugging away on some house projects.  Always good to see the joint compound come out!
 7 PM
Avery facilitated a science experiment before bed.


The Bug said...

Love the black & white!

I just posted my 10 on 10 :)

Meg A. said...

So many sweet shots, especially the one of you and Ame! YAY!

Ashley Beth said...

My middle guy Mason is like Aiden. He rarely eats a real dinner and wakes up famished and begging for breakfast. I need to get him on Aiden's plan of making his own breakfast!

Amy Joy said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! Love the shot of you and Amy.