Thursday, November 13, 2014

Saints Day

Last year Avery did a Saint project and I felt like it was a major deal that took up a lot of her resources and ours.  She spent hours and hours on research and writing her paper and putting her costume together.  Like her daddy, she's a bit of a procrastinator and a perfectionist.

Amanda is more like her momma....get it done right away to "clear it off your plate" and "good enough" is perfectly acceptable.  When I was going to college I prided myself in almost always being the first one in class to hand in an best work was done if I didn't deliberate.

Amanda did the project very independently and handed it in well before the deadline, despite us urging her to give it some more time.  But she was confident in her efforts and never looked back.

She first chose St. Hope (for her middle name) but there was precious little information on her and only tragedy at that.  So she landed on St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and merchants.

Third grade was in charge of mass and Amanda had a special responsive reading, in addition to her saint presentation.  She nailed both and I was so proud.

Aiden and I snuck in back for the first 15 minutes until Amanda had done her part.  Shaun joined us just a minute after I snapped this.

There was a reception after that I opted out of because of germs, but a classmate's mom sent me this picture.  She said she ate snack with Amanda and a couple friends and she described Amanda as sweet and witty.  That she is.  And very loved.

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The Bug said...

Go Amanda! I think it's so cool that they do these presentations in a sanctuary - get rid of that public speaking bugaboo right away :)