Sunday, November 2, 2014

Project 365, Week 44

And suddenly, we are in November.  I don't love that its dark and cold and increasingly brown.  But I do love that we spend more time this month being purposefully grateful for the innumerable blessings we've been given.  

Especially this month, be purposeful about counting them in your own life.  Take notice of the "God winks" or "kisses from the King" that happen all day long, even on the hard days.  Like I tell my kids, start with the fact that you woke up breathing and that you get to see the sunshine of a brand-new day and for brand-new mercies along with each new day.  Amazing!

This was such an incredible week!  I was feeling good and we had NO medical appointments.  That's a big deal after having six straight weeks of doctors and tests.  I worked, Shaun worked, I spent a little time in the kitchen.  We tag-teamed school stuff and soccer stuff and teenager-issue stuff.  It all felt wonderful...and normal.

October 26
Amanda wanted to make pancakes for breakfast.
 I thought she was colorful until her brother came down (with his sock full of coins that he loves to sort and count).

 Today was a "best friends" day for Aiden and Amanda.

 The kids got distracted from their work by a snake in the driveway.

 October 27
I met my brother and sister-in-law and sister and all my homeschooled nieces and nephews to celebrate my mom's birthday.
 This one makes me laugh.
My mom is pictured here with just a "few" of her 18 grandkids.
October 28
I love Amanda's spirit....she sees sidewalks as a nice path to take unless there is a big leaf pile or puddle that is just begging to get walked through and played in.  Yes, it will be messy but that never really gets factored in because having fun and being adventurous are far greater ambitions than cleanliness or following all of the rules.  I want to be more like Amanda.

 We played soccer in the yard for a while before Shaun took them to soccer practice.
 October 29
Every evening this week when I sat down or reclined on the couch, Aiden brought me my slippers, took my sneakers off and carefully put my slippers on my feet.  Slippers are a post-diagnosis thing for me and they make a lot of sense for days when I not doing much and am cold.   Or when my son wants to show me love.
October 30
Aiden is proud to be able to make his own toast with cinnamon sugar.
 We made cookies together for Amanda's class party.

 October 31
My worker boy lured me outside several days this week to rake leaves.  Mom, will you come rake leaves with me, pro favor?  He talked, I listened and we got some fresh air and exercise.

 Avery almost had a costume crisis of her own making, but Shaun and Aiden worked together to save the day and the kids left for church all smiles and excitement.

 Shaun and I drove 45 minutes to R's football game to watch two 7-0 teams face off.  We started on the old, dilapidated away bleachers, but they were crowded and we couldn't see around the people standing in front of us, so before we got too frustrated we just walked around to the brand-new, large home stands.  Our team got crushed and it was cold and rainy, but Shaun and I had a nice date night.
 Nathan and Laryssa took the kids out to dinner after the festivities at church so I was already in bed when the kids got home.  Shaun said as soon as they walked in the door he could hear Aiden asking Uncle Nathan where he could hide his candy so his daddy wouldn't eat it all.  Haha!

In the morning this is what I found (and more bags not shown).  Seriously...what do you do with all of this??  I told them that if I found candy in their rooms or discovered any wrappers laying around, that I would put it all in the trash.  Hopefully that works for me.
Aiden's last soccer game and I got to sit with these two sweeties.


sara said...

loved your pictures this week and that it was a "normal" week for you!!

I always let my kids eat their candy for 3 days..then the "candy fairy" would come and take all the candy and leave a small gift (like silly string) for each one. That saved me from the constant whining for candy each day!! :)

Ashley Beth said...

Wonderful, wonderful that you had a normal week. Well deserved! I still often look at the quote you shared a couple years ago: "Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are...Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in my pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world, your return." -Mary Jane Iron

Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful "normal" can be. Me and the kiddos talk each day about all we are grateful for too, starting with the same things you mentioned. It's encouraging to hear another mama is teaching her kids the same gratitude.

The Bug said...

I had to laugh about Aiden wanting to hide his candy - ha! I told Mike to take all our extra candy to school today :)

I'm glad you had a nice normal week & got to spend some good time with all your people!