Sunday, November 16, 2014

Project 365, Week 46

I was afraid this fall would go by at a snails pace because of my treatments, but instead life continues to move along at a rapid clip.  We enjoyed some warm weather but then towards the end of the week it turned cold and we saw the slightest bit of s-n-o-w.  Boo!  :(

November 9
Shaun took the three younger kids to be part of Pillars of Fire, performing close enough to home.  He reported it was a standing-room-only crowd and the show was powerful.

I took this off of FB...looks like the stage was as small as they said.  Avery fell off during one scene, and even though she was mortified, I heard she played it off like a pro.
 November 10
Lots of work to be done.
 November 11
The kids were off of school but the girls had several engagements throughout the day, so Aiden and I took a walk.  Though we're nearing the end of the pretty part of the season, there is still much beauty to be found (and many leaves to be raked! :).
 November 12
I love watching these two be carefree kids.
 November 13
Slaying dragons by himself in the yard.
Another performance, this time in Massachusetts at a women's retreat with about 800 in attendance.  It was Aiden's first time in this show and Shaun said he did great.  Later, Brent said many commented on his cheeks.  :)  I have pictures from a late ultrasound that show those squeezable, kissable, caressable cheeks.

Amy and I gathered this pictures from Instagram.

 November 14
Thirty-five degrees at game time for R's last home game and also senior night.  I only stayed for the first was cold!!

 His coach took the time to tell Shaun and I what a "fine young man" we have.  Sometimes I feel like I am buried in the day-to-day with him, so its nice to be reminded that he really is a good kid.  He's worked really hard and been very committed this football season and he's learned a lot about life along the way.  Good stuff.

 Like I said...cold.
 November 15
I went to wake Aiden up for church and he was just too sweet lying there sound asleep.


Meg A. said...

Love the shots of you and Shaun with R on Senior Night!

LuAnn said...

Glad you got to be part of senior night I'm sure that meant a lot to him that you could be there

The Bug said...

I like senior night too! And Aiden pics are always a hit with me :)

We got SNOW overnight & now it's 17 degrees. Brrr! I worked from home today, but tomorrow I'll have to get out in it...