Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Day Trip

This time our destination was Old Sturbridge Village in MA. Around here it a common grade-school field trip, so most of us had been...a long time ago! Plus, as I've mentioned, taking along the ten nine-and-under year-olds can add a whole new element. But the day was great, even the weather.
Old Sturbridge Village is the largest outdoor history museum in the Northeast, portraying a rural New England town of the 1830s. There are about 40 original buildings brought from towns throughout New England. "These include homes, meetinghouses, a district school, country store, bank, law office, printing office, carding mill, sawmill, gristmill, pottery, blacksmith shop, shoe shop, and cooper shop." There are also authentically costumed staff, who go about the daily activities of an early 19th-century community. Pretty cool!
We got to see some little lambs and had a picnic on the Common lawn. Avery really enjoyed operating the water pump and throwing rocks into the lake. She walked around like she was a true country girl. Both girls fell asleep in the car almost immediately, a sure sign that they had a fun day!

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