Monday, May 19, 2008

PA Weekend

Avery and I just got back from a wonderful weekend, filled with friends and family. The weekend began at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, where my cousin Johnny graduated with a bachelor's degree. Four years ago we were there for my cousin Melody, who is now working on her PhD.

Although we've always lived several hours apart, this family has been so precious to us over the years and we were happy to have shared in this big event with them. Congrats, Johnny!! (Yes, he is single!)

Next we stopped to see my dear friend Shelva. I had never been to see her where she is now plus I wanted to hold her sweet three-month-old little guy so we stopped in and were able to be with them two nights. We had a blessed time of catching up, sharing our hearts and enjoying each other's child. The fact that we are friends has perplexed me over the years as we are different in so many ways, but I'm so grateful to God for orchestrating it. Shelva's love, friendship, wisdom, listening ear and spirit of adventure have been a constant source of comfort and balance for me over the twenty or so years we've been friends. BFF, Shelva :)

Shelva and I met our former youth pastor and his family for lunch. We had a great time of catching up and just hanging out. He had such a huge impact on our lives during high school. They are good people. Incredibly gifted, driven and called, they serve and live lives that make me tired hearing about! The girls, just several months apart hit it off. Tell me those eyes can't get anything they want!

Really, it was just a nice weekend of being with long-time dear friends and family. The only bummer is that all this "remember when..." and "we've known each other for__ years" makes me feel OLD! How can I remember twenty years ago if I am only twenty?!

Oh, and the one other thing that made this weekend nearly Mother's Day gift, my new GPS. What a comfort to have that computer talking me through the trip.

Shaun and Amanda stayed home together and we missed them terribly. I came home to a better-than-I-left-it house and Amanda had been very well cared for...what a blessing, what a man!

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Rae said...

Hi Lisa. It's been forever (talk about feeling old!!). I'm so glad you jumped into the blogging world.

I can't believe how our "old" youth pastor has NOT changed in all of these years. Maybe a bit grayer but then again, who isn't? :)