Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Citizen of the Year

Last night my dad, Gil, was honored by the town where he pastors. He was presented with the Citizen of the Year award. Those of you who know him well or have met him once will agree with me that this is well deserved. I am proud to be "daddy's little girl" to this man. I've left the specific towns and places out, but this is the biography that was read before the crowd gathered:

¨ Pastor Gil, as he is known to his friends and flock is the Pastor of a Church in Connecticut and the Chaplain of a nursing home.

¨ He was born and raised in Idaho and moved to Connecticut as a young man. He has been in ministry in Connecticut for many years along with working at variety of other jobs, including his own business of Gil’s Home Improvement.

¨ In his capacity as Pastor and Chaplain, he can brighten everyone’s day with a warm greeting, a listening ear, and his winning smile. He is a regular visitor to the local Hospital and beyond, often visiting his parishioners and friends of friends at far outlying hospitals.

He especially enjoys his role as preacher and teacher. He conducts a weekly Thursday night Bible Study along with Sunday worship services.

¨ He is an accomplished musician, with a guitar that seems more like his third arm than a musical instrument. If you can hum a few bars for him, he can play any song by ear. Besides knowing words and music of hundreds of hymns and choruses by heart, he writes gospel music. He recently recorded a CD of his original compositions.
He has great skills as a carpenter and builder. At present, on the rare occasion when he has a few extra minutes, he is building an upstairs addition to his home.

¨ Although he has many interests and skills, he has often been heard to say, ”I have always loved being a DAD!” He has four wonderful children: Lisa, Amy, Tim and Bethany. They have grown up into great adults with families of their own so far there are 10 grandchildren: Avery, Amanda, Colombo, Madison, Nathanael, Trevor, Alaina, Kaitlyn, Juliet, and Allison.

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Deidre said...

What a nice tribute to your Dad! I loved reading this. Sounds like he has led a very FULL and blessed life.