Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday Avery and I had the honor of attending a Mother/Daughter event at my sisters church. It was catered (we ate good!) and after the band played, we heard from special speaker Lisa Whelchel. Most of the special women in my life were there with me and its tucked away in the special memory bank.

Here is Shaun's mom, Bev, his sister Sarah (second of four), Avery, Me
Here is Avery, Me (the oldest...and shortest, I know), my sisters Bethany (youngest) and Amy (second), my mom, Linda and my niece Madison

Today I am so thankful to have a godly mom who made the commitment to be home with us when we were growing up. When other moms seemed to only tolerate their kids, she seemed to (mostly) enjoy having us around and was always sad when summer ended and we had to go back to school. Her knowledge of scripture is an inspiration. I admire that she is not perfect but gets up everyday and makes the decision to love God and to do all that she can to grow more in His likeness.

I am grateful to Shaun's mom, my mother-in-law, for doing her best raising my future husband. She drew the blood line and began the godly heritage that will be carried on for generations after her. She loves the Lord and I know her prayers are still carried with her children. She is precious to me.

Unspeakable joy and happiness fill my heart because my Heavenly Father has given me the gift of Avery and Amanda. I can't think of the privilege of being their momma without involuntary tears. I'm so thankful I have been granted the opportunity to participate in the celebration of Mother's Day. Surely, God is gracious!

Happy Mother's Day to all you precious women. I pray that God would bless your coming in and your going out, that he would give you divine love, wisdom and patience. God help us to always remember that we are doing Your higher calling.

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