Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Aiden is Eight Months

Imagine my surprise when I counted on my fingers did the math on the 13th, only to discover my little guy was indeed eight months old!  I'm a broken record every month but seriously.  How does time fly by so quickly??  I just thought what a dated expression that is...broken record...ok, I'm a broken DVD.

This month especially, I think he's leaving more of the baby world behind and getting ready to move into the next phase of his life.  Shaun and I take turns remarking to each other how big he has gotten...overnight!  It is literally happening before our eyes and I'm beyond thankful to be able to witness it and be a part.

He is a super sweet baby.  Every week the nursery workers exclaim over what a happy, content, snuggly baby he is.  I just smile and offer a quick prayer of thanks that I've been entrusted with him for a bit.

I've included a whole slew of random photos that I didn't think I could possibly bear to not have included in my book.  Things like playing in his sisters' room and Avery putting on his sweater upside down.  His personality comes out more and more with each day and he has a tighter grip on my heartstrings, too.
Though he has a serious, thoughtful side, he smiles easily.
First look at the stairs.  Hmm...what's this all about??
The girls just LOVE to go "wake up Baby Brother" as soon as they hear a peep in the monitor.  Sometimes I feel bad for him, but it just comes with the package.  My prayer is that his character will develop in such a way that he can handle such things with patience and grace.  I want him to be a brother just like Tim was to us three girls.
He still gets up into his yoga pose.  He can often be seen with a Sharpie or plastic screw driver or wrench.  He carries them with a death grip.  One day, he'd had the wrench for about an hour before his nap and when I got him up, it was still there, tightly clenched.  Won't be long till he's out in the yard with his daddy putting it to good use on one of the vehicles.
He likes to climb.  This is cause for multiple bruises to the forehead.  Shaun assures me it is only the very beginning of having a boy and, while I know he is probably right, I'm not sure I'm prepared.  Part of me wants to cuddle him and hold him close, to protect him from the outside world, and from the falls inside.  The other part of me wants him to grow and fall and learn and become a man, just like his daddy.
He got his very first ride on a swing and also went down the slide.  Hard to imagine by the end of the summer he'll be climbing up on his own and sliding down head first. :)
More climbing and pulling up...
Oh!  And I have a new office assistant.  SO helpful!
He's a delight to our whole family!


Rach@In His Hands said...

8 months already!?!

As always your photos are SOO precious and fun. My favorites were the one of Amanda holding him in the crib and the one of Aiden with the white sweater. Adorable.

Time can just slow right down, please!

H-Mama said...

Such a beautiful baby boy and a precious post. If only we could hold on to them younger... longer.

mom said...

OMG--how did that happen? I lost track and was stunned by your blog headline. He's such a sweetie. I need to see him soon.

Stephanie said...

He's getting SO big! What a cutie!

Amy said...

He is super cute and super special.

Andrea said...

Ok, so I read this about 9 hours ago and it just hit me that you would be a broken cd...but now even that is outdated. You would be a (however you would say)broken mp3. I think that is the most recent musical equipment. I don't know. Just shows how times do change even in our lifetime. Imagine all that will change in his. Sweet guy.