Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Clean-Up

Its been too nice to not be outside, so since we were out anyway, I pulled out the rake and got to work cleaning up the yard of last year's remaining leaves.  No amount of clean-up is going to make our yard look good, but we still need to take care of it.

The girls jumped right in wanting to help.  They are both very good workers, Avery especially puts her head down and gets right to it.

We all thought of a page out of a favorite book we have called God's Wisdom For Little Girls...virtues and fun from Proverbs 31 by Elizabeth George.  In it, one of the pages is a girl raking leaves in her yard:

God's Little Girls is...Eager

As "busy as a bee," a real "eager beaver,"
That's how God sees His little weaver.
She's ready, she's set, she can't wait to start-
She always works hard with a song in her heart.

She looks for wool and linen.
She likes to work with her hands.
Proverbs 31:13

Can you believe I put a pink sweater on the boy?  Sorry, was warm and handy looked pretty!  :)


Laurie said...

As a mom who also takes lots of picture of real-life moments, my first inclination was to laugh at the fact that while the girls were "working," you were playing. ;) Not judging... just sayin'. <3

My second inclination was to go "Huh? Is that a pink sweater on the baby?" But then I read the end of your post. Hahaha. A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. :) Thanks for the giggle!

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

The pink sweater is adorable and a hazard of being a boy born into a family with two big sisters!

"We" broke our rake this week by attempting to clean up our yard. "We" accidentally stepped on the plastic part while raking. Not quite sure how I, I mean "we" did that? Anyway, we fight the Spanish moss down here. Our leaves are little and they don't all come down, although right now, it looks a little bit like Fall.

mom said... more, just this once, okay?

Momagoose said...

Love the pink sweater! Too cute! :o) He will be putting pink stuff and sparkles on along with sisters very hey! :o) Nothin' can threaten our boys manhood!

Darla said...

i love that pink sweater! haha. my son wore a few things such as that in his day too. my favoritest story of all is when he was in Walmart, and disappeared from our sight...then we heard the lady on the loud speaker say "we have a little girl in the jewelry dept. looking for her mommy"...i knew instantly it had to be him. we rushed over to get him and i wondered why they called him a girl...until i saw his painted red painted toe nails that his sisters got a hold of. lol! good memories.