Sunday, March 14, 2010

Project 365, Week 11

This week includes lots of cell phone pictures.  As you might imagine, I usually have my arms full with a baby, diaper bag and purse.  Also one hand has to remain free to open doors and hoist preschoolers in and out of vehicles as neccessary.  Adding a camera bag to that scene is often too cumbersome to deal with, thus the trusty cell phone gets whipped out in "emergencies".

It feels as though we are shaking off our winter hibernation and the busy-ness of spring has started to be put into action.  What a hopeful, renewing time of year!

March 7
These first two cell pics were sent to me during the day.  In Shaun's "spare" time he's been dealing with the things necessary to get his grandfather's house in rentable condition....taping, painting, etc.  He took Avery with him on Sunday and she was delighted to find Uncle Nathan there helping. 

Later, they went to play rehearsal...Avery is going to be in The Passion of the King production.  She's here with a cousin and friend as close to the action as she can get.

That evening we had a girls night out.  We went to New Haven and watched Annie with Auntie Sarah and Jared.  We ended the evening with a special treat, celebrating the fact that I got there and back without getting lost (until we pulled off an exit for ice-cream!).
March 8
The irony of this scene made me laugh.  His shirt says, Little Tough Guy
March 9
Yard clean-up and enjoying higher-than-average temps.

Later we went to my mom's to check out their new (beautiful!) paint job.  Sadly, Bobbi knows all the songs in the Veggie Tales Silly Songs video. :)
March 10
Since my dad and Kiki were back from Florida, they called anxious to see us.  We got treated to dinner.  My dad says sometimes he times how long it takes for a meal to come...this one took 42 least it was warm when it arrived.
March 11
We were just hangin' out, being silly.
March 12
Pop and Kiki called Friday evening and asked if they could come pick up the kids in 20 minutes to take them to dinner and shopping.  Um...yes!  They were gone nearly 5 hours and came back with new bathing suits and matching cover-ups.  The girls immediately changed and actually slept in them.  And it was extra special because it was Aiden's first trip to Costco.

Shaun and I quickly made the decision to do a date with the time, so we went out to dinner and then came home and watched a movie.  It was much needed time together and the kind of date that leaves you saying, Oh yes.  Now I remember why I love you.
March 13
We joined the group of girls who were bridesmaid dress shopping for my future sister-in-law's wedding.  That's Sienna on the right and her sister Sara on the left, the matron-of-honor.  The girls had a fun time watching the craziness and seeing all the pretty dresses.  Sienna went in knowing what she wanted, so the process was actually quite easy.  Wedding bells will be ringing the end of June!

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sara said...

I love that you take your girls to the theatre!

and glad you had some warmer weather to get outside! that always doesn't my heart good!

Meg A. said...

LOVE the one of the girls in front of the Annie sign! Amanda's face is priceless. Sounds like a great week full of great family time!

He & Me + 3 said...

OMWord. We love the theater and my girls would love to see Annie on Stage. My oldest daughter played Molly in the local theater production of Annie. I was beaming.
Cute close up pictures of the girls too.

H-Mama said...

Annie!!! Sweet. I'm sure you earned some brownie points for that. ;)

Some days, if it were not for the cell camera, I wouldn't have a pic. So much easier to use the nice camera at home. You did get some beautiful shots, as always.