Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 365, Week 12

We are living the good life here with this spring-like weather.  I know I keep talking about the weather, but the warm temps are delightfully early and are no doubt short-lived so we are just enjoying every moment we can.

Avery is trying to confuse everyone with the outfits she wore for most of the days this week, but the pictures were taken on different days.  Amanda, on the other hand, is into changing outfits several times throughout the day.  Aiden, of course, doesn't care what he's wearing and I'm told he may never.

Thanks for checking in...have a blessed week!

March 14
Family outing to pick up paint and supplies Shaun needs for his current project.  He's painting his grandfather's house, but not all of it, so I had to match the mustard yellow and green on cabinets and trim that is staying.  Avery and Amanda were quick to offer their helpful suggestions....certainly would have made a bold statement!

March 15
Ah...signs of life!!
March 16
I took the girls to get their nails painted.
March 17
This was the cell phone pic I snapped to send to Shaun who was working.  Now, do you think those flower pots are leftover from last year or do you think I'm getting a jump on this season?  :)
March 18
Pure joy.
March 19
The girls were telling Great-Grandpa about the hibernating bat they had seen with their dad, so he took them to the root cellar so they could show him.  Perhaps to their relief, he was nowhere to be found.  They sure spent a lot of the week talking about that silly bat.
March 20
Its Spring, officially...the grill got used!

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Kim said...

I'm munching on tortilla chips and wishing I could reach in and grab some of that grilled meat! :-)

LOVE the "pure joy" photo! All your pictures are great. Enjoyed seeing this glimpse into your week :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

I wanted to grill out last week too but it didn't happen. YUM Love the swing picture. Pure joy is correct. I am looking forward to seeing signs of life too.

Rebecca Jo said...

MMMM... grilling... Its official - Spring is here!

Love those little finger nails painted - precious!

So glad to find your blog... love meeting a fellow Christian sister! :)

The Bug said...

I've looking for signs of spring in our neighborhood too. I found some tiny ones. I love that this project is getting me out of my head & out into the world!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

The first day of spring today brought cold and rainy weather, but yesterday was wonderful.

Great pictures.

Blessings and happy 365!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

After reading Kim's comment I'm off to get some tortilla chips...

Blessings again

Elizabeth said...

oh my goodness... that meat looks so delicious!

Tori said...

There is something about swinging that is joy, isn't there?!
We broke out the grill this week too and now my husband wants to grill everything. It just tastes so good!
Have a super week!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

You had a sweet, memorable week. Great-Grandpa, a bat, the grill, swinging, nail-polishing, painting...and three cute kids, too!
That's one FULL life!! Great pictures!

H-Mama said...

A lil' girl manicure. Is there anything sweeter?

Love the 'pure joy' picture! Such sweet smiles.

I may need to borrow your bat this summer. Mosquitoes. ;)