Thursday, March 25, 2010


This week all the parents were invited to sit in on the dance class, where normally there is a shut door, no window policy.  Oh, I was so happy to be in there watching my girl do her thing!  Don't get me wrong, I love sitting in the waiting room with two dozen other people, including an unruly 1 year-old who insists on touching Aiden's face and then suddenly smacking him, over and over if I put him down for two minutes.  Oh the mother?  Yes, she comes over, takes her daughter's hand and helps her stroke his cheek while saying, see?  you do nice, nice.  Argh!

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes!  My beautiful ballerina.  She is so graceful and attentive.  I was able to get a few pics even while holding her squirmy, stinky brother (sorry, people sitting next to me...I didn't want to miss any of the dancing!)

Avery's teacher told me that she has done very well, and is ready to move up to the next level.  She has "natural athletic ability, quite remarkable actually".  Apparently her jumping especially is above average.  Its funny, I would have had Avery pegged to take after me in that department, so I'm thrilled that the teacher sees some potential there.

If you love learning, you love the discipline that
goes with it— how shortsighted to refuse correction!

Proverbs 12:1


mel @ the larson lingo said...

beautiful pictures! I LOVE them! She is so precious!

H-Mama said...

Avery looks so precious and happy! There's just something about lil' girls and dance. Love. it.

And that mother?? She needed to be put in time-out! Seriously. If only we could endure rehearsals without the circus of siblings.

Okay... What's your photo secrets here? Is the lighting that great, or are you just multi-talented at settings? What were your settings? Seems I can never get it 'just right' when it comes to taking pix indoors. Sigh.

But back to your Avery... ;) She and Gracie would get along just splendid. She looks so happy! And I'm sure she takes after you. ;)

Momagoose said...

beatiful pictures!!! Ballet is so good for the girls and their posture,etc. love it!

Meg A. said...

Love these! There is just something about photos of sweet girls in pink adorable!

mandy said...

these pictures are adorable! i came to your blog just to answer your question about what lighting i used on my pictures, but i got sidetracked by your beautiful pics!

ps. i used natural light in the blog post you commented on. i set up my backdrop stand in front of our big window in the living room.

Leep Kids said...

Lisa, Avery looks so much like you. These pictures are beautiful!!