Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April's 10 on 10

Its been an emotional, whirlwind 24 hours.  I've got so much to post from the last week or so but I'll start with yesterday.  It worked out well that it was a ten on ten day, because it ended up being a special, albeit difficult, day for our family.

6 AM
After a workout and shower at the gym, I sat down with coffee and my current bible study, enjoying the quiet of the day.
 8 AM
Walking my sweet little school girl to school on a beautiful morning.
9 AM
We were surprised and elated by an email from the social worker:

Good Morning everyone,

So I just spoke to both schools and we are all set.  Z's first day at __ School will be tomorrow :)))

How would you like to proceed with placement/ intake? 

 10 AM
Amanda and Aiden finally rolled out of bed.  Shaun walked into my office and whispered "photo op"...this is what I saw when I walked into the kitchen.
10:30 AM
Shaun had the morning "off" so he worked on his truck, with Aiden's help, of course!
11 AM
School.  She may or may not be sticking the pencil up her nose.
12 PM
So much work still to catch up on from the "first of the month".
1 PM
I'm one of those eat-lunch-at-my-desk kind of usually consists of spinach and whatever else we have kicking around with a little olive oil and vinegar on top.
3 PM
Shaun was able to sneak home for a little while to do the intake meeting with two social workers.  One was new to us so Shaun gave her the tour.  Nothing like giving weekly tours of your entire house to complete strangers to help motivate you to keep it picked up.
5 PM
Dropped Avery off at dance class and went to a nearby store to try to find some summer clothes for the kids for next week.
6 PM
I've seen a lot of this skyline over the last several weeks picking up and dropping off Z.  We headed to pick him up for the last time!
 8 PM
After final instructions and goodbyes to the people at the safe home and his aunt and grandmother who were (unexpectedly to me) there, we headed home.  I brought all his earthly possessions in from the car and then heated up some dinner for the kids.
 9 PM
Thankfully Shaun arrived and was able to get the kids off to bed while I got on a conference call for work.
 Z got a rubix cube and I was telling him that back in the day, Shaun could do it in about 30 seconds.  When Shaun got home he corrected me and said it was actually about 60 seconds.  Still, I think he earned some respect.  :)
1 AM
I guess technically this picture is more like one on the 11th, but its the time my conference call, and also my day, ended.


Linda said...

Oh my were one busy gal! I got exhausted just reading this! Ha! (:>) But you are young and I am sure you have more energy than this 61 year old! Ha! (:>)

These were some great pictures describing your busy day. Thanks for the picture story.

May God Bless your sweet family....and may He bring you through each day with joy and thankfulness.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
P.S. I did a "Tag you're It" post if you'd like to join in. (:>)

The Bug said...

I did the 10 on 10 yesterday too - but it's mostly pictures of things on my desk at work. So I might shift it to a 14 on 14 kind of deal instead - heh.

So excited for this new adventure in your life. And whatever happens, Amanda has the right gear for it :)

LuAnn said...

I am just so excited for all of you !!! Can you believe this has finally happened? Prayers continue for all of you from your Wisconsin friend. blessings, blessings, blessings. And hers is a hug too.
P.S. I forgot my camera yesterday for my 10 on 10 good for you.

sara said...

yay!!!!! I am so excited for you and so happy that all the "prep" is done and Z is now with you! Praying for you!