Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project 365, Week 13

What a wild ride this week was!  Intense is possibly a good word to describe it.  I've got a ton of pictures here, which don't even begin to represent what our week looked like.  Some events not here in pictures:
  • our second visit with Z...Sunday morning brunch and a little "tour" of our church before we had to have him back
  • Shaun gone everyday from 9 AM to midnight, except Monday and Saturday evening and Friday morning
  • Four Passion rehearsals 
  • two days of me being very sick, ending with a trip to the walk-in clinic
  • two home visits from two different social workers on two separate days
  • countless emails and phone calls to social workers regarding Z
  • God's grace and sweet Presence wrapping me up tight, sustaining
March 25
Shaun starting the very involved process and switching all the sound "stuff" from church mode to production mode.  No...I have no idea what that entails....I just know he's one smart, talented guy.

March 26
I had to go up to Boston and both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home.

 Sweet BFFs.
March 27
While Shaun and all the kids were at rehearsal, I was at a required 3-hour CPR training class.  If you ever become unresponsive or start choking, I'm your girl!  :)
March 28
Z's first "day" visit to our home.  I drove 30 minutes to pick him up at 6:30, had a very surprise encounter with his mom at the DCF office, drove 30 minutes back home, had 30 minutes here to eat dinner and show him around "the maze", as he called it, then drove 45 minutes to drop him off and 45 minutes to come back home to get some kids to bed.  Phew!
March 29
As we were reading in bed before naps Aiden said Momma, you're the best Mommy in the whole world!  Ah...sometimes you just need to hear that!  :)
 Dress rehearsal and cousin time!!

March 30
Opening night!  The cast and crew did an outstanding job!

After watching the kid's scene, Z and I went to check out what the kids were doing while not onstage. He met some new people and jumped right in with everyone.  Whatever he previously thought he knew about church is getting shattered, I think....the Community Center was hopping with loud music, dodgeball, footballs sailing through the air and giggling girls.  :)
March 31
The four kids and I took the dog to the river, despite the cool temperatures.


LuAnn said...

WOW !!!! your are the MOM !!!!

To keep that week straight and all your running.

Glad that Z got to see more of your world.

LuAnn said...

spelling error "you are the MOM"

Amy said...

Rocco caught a glimpse of the last picture over my shoulder and said, "Ahhh...Aiden is sad now."

The Bug said...

Love that smile on your face - they do make the insanity worth it don't they? (Like I know - ha!)