Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Late-Night Ramblings

I wanted to post some "looking back" photos, but the day seriously got away from me and now I am in bed, with a quiet house, just about to call it quits for the day, knowing my alarm clock will be sounding from across the room in less than seven hours and then I'll be happy that I wasn't down in my office on my desktop digging through past photos.  Wow, that was a seriously long sentence...must mean its wrong.

Yes, years ago I was chronic snooze-pusher, back in the day when I was responsible for myself only and pushing snooze really just meant I'd catch less of the morning news as I was getting ready for work.  Shaun, who has gotten up after me since the beginning of time did not appreciate the daily succession of alarm sound offs and declared that it had to stop.

In response to my whining that I just couldn't, he suggested I move it across the room to force myself to actually get up when I heard it.  It worked well and that's where my alarm clock has been ever since.  I think it helps that I can't see the time without my glasses.  :)  Its been so many years, I'm not sure if I'd still be a snooze-pusher or not.  I'd like to think I've grown in that area of discipline.  :)

Anyway, so much has happened in the process of getting our foster son here in our home.  I don't want to turn this into a foster care blog so I refrain from posting daily, but it really is consuming right now.  We're continuing to function in life as we've known it, but we're also daily putting in great efforts to get through the process.

Ah...the process.  The state bureaucracy is expected yet is still truly staggering and beyond belief.  And oh so frustrating.  We're working through it and trying to come to terms with it.  If I don't make peace with "the system" in my own heart, I just might go nutty.  The way I see it, I have two with the system or go somewhere where a system doesn't exist....and really, I'm not looking to go to Africa to help children anytime soon.  (don't make me eat those words, God!  :)

The very short version of where we are now is that we've had a couple overnight visits with Z, which have gone great!  (I've been asked if "Z" is what he goes by, and its not...we've been asked to protect his identity, so I will not put his real name or face here on the WWW).  We are excited to be getting him tomorrow evening and he'll be able to stay with us through the weekend, including spending Easter with us and both of our families will get a chance to meet him!  Hopefully, by next week sometime he will be discharged to us and will be living here full-time.

In the meantime we are preparing the house and doing all manner of furniture moving.  Tomorrow Shaun is going to pick up bunkbeds, which will go in the girls room.  Bunkbeds!  For some reason that feels to me like we are going out to buy a minivan (no offense to those of you who drive one!).  I just really never pictured myself with enough kids to necessitate bunkbeds.  Let's be honest, I actually never pictured myself with any kids.  Yet, here we are.  Digging into God's plan for our lives.

And now, I really must call it a night.

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