Friday, April 27, 2012

Florida Trip, Friday

Fair warning...there are an exorbitant number of photos in this post.  That reminds me...on the drive down, we were getting out of the car and Z asked if I would take a picture.  I thought he meant of something in the parking lot...he actually meant a picture, of the trip so he'd have a way to remember.  I laughed and assured him I'd come back with some photos.  :)

Our day at Busch Gardens was great!  The weather was good, but had been forecasted to be iffy so the crowds were minimal....perfect for getting right onto rides.
 I just love all the amazing flowers EVERYwhere.

 While the crazy people of the group were off riding this roller coaster, the rest of us did the Skyline.
 It was pretty adventurous for Avery and Aiden and they held hands the whole time....sweet.

 You can just barely see Amanda's head poking out the top.
 I never take it for granted that my kids have so many grandparents and great-grandparents who are in their lives and love them. many kids can say they rode the Flume with their Great-Nana.  So very special.
 Who are these beautiful, big girls??

 Avery's one and only roller coaster ride of the trip.  She was not a fan.  Her sister on the other hand went on numerous times all by herself and didn't understand what Avery was scared about.

 Nana grabbed my camera and took a few of Aiden and I playing together.  Frizzy hair aside, this will forever be a treasure to me.  As the family photographer, sometimes I wonder if my kids will think I was never around or involved when they look back over this blog or family photos.  On the contrary, I love to play with them and this little guy and I love to laugh together.

 These next two that Shaun took make me laugh out loud.  Grandpa John is a very special character.  :)

 I didn't get many pictures of Auntie and Uncle Nathan because they were off most of the day with Z doing the crazy rides and ALL of the roller coasters.

 After a yummy dinner, there was just enough time left for a quick swim.  A good, full day!

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LuAnn said...

Every picture made me smile :)

Glad Grandma grab the camera and got a few pics of you. I am going through pictures for Philip's graduation party. Most of the family ones are he and Joel. I have just a small handful of me.

Amanda is one brave girl with the birds on her.

Z will also have great memories to cherish.