Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project 365, Week 15

A very Happy Birthday to my One and Only!  I am daily, deeply grateful for Shaun's life and the fact that I get to spend it with him.  Sadly he has to work today, but hopefully we'll get some time this evening.  Ironic that a tax man's birthday would be April 15.

What a week!  I'm not sure how to describe it...some mixture of being lonely, overwhelmed, frustrated, happy, thankful.  The lonely because I. miss. my. husband!  And am SO ready for tax season to be over.  We've had so much going on and we get little scraps of time when we're both tired to discuss things, make big decisions, talk about our days.  I mostly miss his presence and companionship, but it will also be nice to have someone else around to TAKE AIDEN PEE!  :)

The overwhelmed because, well...I'm not superwoman.  Right now much is being required of me and I'm just doing what I can.  To cave into the overwhelmed-ness would be to throw my hands up and I know that would help get nothing done.

The frustration comes in where social workers and "the system" are concerned.  I don't think we could have packed much more social-worker-ness into our week and, quite frankly, much of it has been a bang-your-head-against-the-wall kind of experience.

Happiness is just what I do.  When I'm not "feeling" it I sit myself down and have a talking to.  Its not dependent on my husband making me happy (because, though he's an awesome guy, sometimes he's just not around for large amounts at a time), its not dependent on social workers doing their job or on my kids obeying, or whether or not I have a headache.  Its a decision...and one that I made this week.

The thankful piece?  I am so very grateful for every breath I've been given.  So thankful for this path God has us on, thankful for Shaun's job and mine, thankful for our home that can be moved around to accommodate others who need a home, thankful for health and soundness of mind.  So very thankful.

April 8
We had a fabulous Easter celebration with lots of family.
April 9
I can't even recall this picture being taken but I can see I'm sitting in my office.  Monday was phone calls and emails and more emails and then some phone calls followed by a few more emails.  I was hard at work being the squeaky wheel to try to get Z with us full-time....not unreasonable, in my opinion, since we'd gotten the first phone call about him more than 40 days earlier.
April 10
It worked!  Tuesday evening I went to pick him up and he officially moved in.
 April 11
The hard-at-work crew.
April 12
No picture.

April 13
Z and Nathanael had a sleepover here while Amanda was at Trevor's so after a day of playing Amy and I met to exchange the kids back.
We've been passing a brand-new walking/biking bridge nearly everyday...I'm jealous that Aiden got to try it out before me.  :)

April 14
There was a large event to "kick off" the soccer season.  They had drills and games for the kids and it was a beautiful day to sit outside and watch.

Hope you have a fabulous week!


skoots1mom said...

what adorable babies...
they keep you busy, i'm sure.
love that little way at the end!

Meg A. said...

The one of Aiden and Avery KILLS me! Not sure how it's possible but I think he gets cuter each time I see him!

The Bug said...

I love how Z is smiling in all the pics you take of him. And I'm glad that you were a squeaky wheel!

So, taxes are due on the 17th. Does that mean an immediate influx of "Shaun time" or is there still extra stuff for him to do for a bit?

LuAnn said...

Happy Birthday Shaun !!!

i have a niece and Joel has a nephew who birthdays today too.

I will really really miss sitting in the bleachers watching Phil. Our paper actually did an article on the two of us a couple of years ago. Since he started playing sports in 1st grade I have never ever missed a game of any sport.

Oh - what will Joel and I do with our spare time.

Great pics this week. Z looks like he fits righ in with all those cousins.

I continue to pray that all is going well with you, the family and Z's adjusting.

When you have a minute let me know.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Z is with you!? How exciting! Praying for his adjustment and that you all settle in together nicely.

As always, your pictures scream joy. Beautiful!