Saturday, April 28, 2012

Florida Trip, Saturday & Sunday

Shaun's brother and dad had arrived late Friday night so Saturday morning we all met for breakfast.

 As we were leaving, Amanda asked a man walking out if he had a motorcycle.  He said, Yeah, you wanna come see it?  And off they went.  I keep telling myself its because she knew her parents were right there with her and if she'd been alone there is no way some biker dude would have been able to lure her away with the promise of a ride on his bike.

 After, we all went back to Nana's house and spent the afternoon relaxing....playing catch, swinging on the porch swings, hunting for lizards, walking, talking and, of course, swimming!

 We ended the day with a delicious dinner at the Melting Pot.  It was clearly Z's first "fine dining" was funny to see it from his perspective.  He's not 100% sold on all the manners and decorum it requires, but he sure did notice the richness of the food.  :)

My three buzzcut boys.
 The next day Nana made us all a blueberry pancake breakfast and then, just like that, the kids were changed and lathering on the sunscreen.

 At one point Shaun, his two brothers and all their families were in the water together....all 11 of us splashing around, causing a ruckus in this quiet 55+ community.  :)

Sienna and I did a lot of catching babies!  We may or may not have caught them every single time.

 Love everything about this....Amanda with her two uncles.
After a nice dinner, I corralled everyone for a few group shots.

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sara said...

sounds like you had so much fun. I have to say when I read the part about the "quiet 55+ community", I had to stop a minute and catch my breath...I am almost there. how did that happen?!!!