Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November's 10 on 10

This month I spent most of the 10th shooting a wedding, which turns into a pretty lame "10 on 10" (see August).  So instead, this month we have 11 on 11.  :)

8 AM
How I spend pretty much every Sunday morning....putting my P365 post together.

 9 AM
Shaun and the girls started a Hallmark movie, eventually Aiden and I joined in.
 11 AM
The matching boys doing their work.
 12 AM
Avery and Amanda played dress up.  Amanda was the 17 year-old actress and Avery was the Mom helping her into her costumes between scenes.
 1 PM
Shaun went to play basketball with the guys and the kids and I went bike riding.

 2 PM
 3 PM
Haircuts for my two older boys.
 4 PM
Making bread.
 The scene in our living room each and every Sunday during football season.  Shaun and his brother watch football as if it were a science.  Since we have Sunday Ticket, the laptop allows them to know which game to be watching to get the optimal experience.
 6 PM
A dinner meeting with a table of incredible people who have servant's hearts and want, more than anything, for people to find Jesus.
8 PM
I was invited as Shaun's sidekick and I was so happy because the evening included my sister's apple pie.  :)
 11 PM
As they often do when we are in the car, one of the kids said, Daddy, can we do school?  That means they take turns answering questions.

Aiden, what the color of that sign?
Z, was is the square root of 81?
Amanda, what is 10 + 20?
Avery, what is 5 x 5?

And so on.  What?  That's not what all families are doing at 10:30 at night?

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