Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project 365, Week 47

We had a wonderful week.  Full, eclectic, with much happening "behind the scenes"....hopefully I'll be able to share here soon.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  I just love the "holidays" and the feeling in the air around this time.  Here are some pictures that scratch the surface of our week.  

November 18
We walked down to breakfast with our neighbors turning to good friends.  Beautiful day and TOO big girls.
 My sweet girl modeling her new birthday outfit.

November 19
We dropped off Shaun's truck to have his new plow put on.  Aiden was ALL up in it.  Hopefully the plow doesn't get any use this year.
 November 20
Another highlight for Aiden....every Tuesday we go around the house and empty all the little garbage cans.  He LOVES to help and is getting very good at it.
The girls and I went to a women's shelter to take pictures of their babies.  Don't you just love this outfit?  
November 21
A house a couple up from ours just went on the market.  Its a beautiful Victorian that's been used as a college party house for many years.  We were exploring the possibility of making it into something else.

Aiden and A loved running through the huge, empty house.
 I was invited to Amanda's class to take pictures of their butter-making activity.  Such a sweet group of kids, most of them missing a variety of front teeth.  There are about 15 girls and 5 boys... perfect!  :)
 Nana and Grandpa John arrived in town for the Thanksgiving weekend.  They were here for about five minutes before John was roped into Monopoly.  They are such good sports!
 November 22
Thanksgiving Day Road Race.
 And Thanksgiving afternoon.
 November 23
I pulled out all the Christmas makes my heart happy that the girls are so into it.  They are starting to remember ornaments and some of the stories behind them.
 Auntie Sarah asked if the girls could sleep over....they did hair and makeup and went shopping and got ice cream and generally got spoiled rotten.

They also slept in a waterbed for the first time.  I love this picture Sarah took of them wrapped up in Jared's snuggly.
Meanwhile, I had the boys and A.  Not quite the same experience.  :)  There was much wrestling and nerf gun playing.
November 24
When I came home from the gym I was surprised to see ALL the kids awake.  However, our guests were still sleeping, so I took four crazy kids and a dumb dog to the river.

You see this picture and I bet you can guess how it ended.
Later, we went to Shaun's grandparents.  This picture couldn't be too much worse, but I love it for the story it tells and the people gathered.


Amy said...

Eclectic is a fitting word I think. You sure do squeeze in a lot!!!

Melody said...

I could use Aiden's help with my trash - one of my least favorite chores!
And the snuggie picture is adorable!

The Bug said...

I love your whole week - cute kids and dumb dog included :) I love how ALL the kids are included in the family photos.

I used to hate to gather our trash, but that was back when we lived on the 3rd floor & also had this wide-mouth basket that was impossible to empty without getting trash everywhere. Our house is nice & streamlined now.

Darla said...

The kids have gotten so big! I just had to come take a look and see how everyone is doing in blog land. Love to you and your family!