Monday, July 15, 2013

Project 365, Week 28

Despite the work involved, I am so very grateful to have this blog where our lives are recorded.  I have no doubt that I'll look back on this summer and just see a bluuuuuurrr, so it will be such a treasure to look back on this and see all the blessings that were scattered in with all the hard work.  Blessings are EVERYwhere, all day very thankful.

July 7
The boy we are doing respite care for got accepted as a counselor-in-training at Boy Scout camp.  After stopping to restock his snacks and driving around looking for a mosquito net, the kids and I helped him schlep his gear up to his tent.

I consider myself somewhat "outdoorsy" and not too wimpy, but these living/sleeping conditions made me shudder.   Bugs, dirt, heat, cold, wet....yuck!
 Amanda matches Avery whenever possible and she often gets it pretty darn close.
 July 8
Avery and Z were part of the dance team for VBS, which was 9-12:15 daily this week.

I don't have a picture, but while I was dropping the kids off, Shaun was taking trim off of the bathroom door to rescue a locked-in Aiden.  :)
Later, we met up with cousins at my dad's house.  In this picture they are recording a song.  :)

July 9
Amanda was in her bathing suit, ready to go.  My mom took the kids to the river for the afternoon.
 July 10
I made this shirt several years ago for Lobster Fest and we got a good laugh out of the man who turned up.  Can you see the face?  Some called him Jerry Garcia.  :)
 July 11
The girls have been really into dolls and barbies lately.  Love listening to them play together.

 July 12
Aiden got invited to a fun adventure day with Pop and Kiki and some cousins....a car museum in Boston and a Pawsox game in RI.  Fun!
 Closing ceremony for VBS.  Z got a graduation certificate and the kids all performed the songs they'd learned.  All three kids had an absolute blast.  I love that they are still young enough to be totally into it.  They learned some really good truths, straight from the Bible in a way that is relevant to them.
 July 13
Happy Birthday, Aiden!  I got to see him for about 20 minutes.  :(
 I was photographing a wedding....
.....and the kids went to the beach with Shaun's mom.


The Bug said...

Happy birthday Aiden!

I used to love VBS - we always went to a Mennonite one (they would pick us up on a BUS - ooo - & we'd sing all the way there & back).And then there were a couple of Baptist ones, including my home church. Fun!

Melody said...

I'm grateful for your blog too - it's a highlight of my week!