Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project 365, Week 29

We are working toward achieving the hottest month on record....this week was a big help towards that end.

July 14
In the evening, Pop and Kiki came over with pizza and ice cream cake and paper and some cousins to help celebrate Aiden's birthday.  I was so thankful because the day before (his actual birthday) I'd gotten home at midnight from a wedding and I was up early the next morning doing R's laundry and then doing the 3-hour roundtrip to return him to camp.

When I got back I dove right into work on the house.  They brought everything we needed to have a proper birthday party and my mommy guilt was eased.

 Too bad he was exhausted and was not a nice boy.  :(
 Yummy cake!  :)
 July 15
Z slept over my dad's house and the next morning Pop and Z and Nathanael were up before the sun, thus fulfilling one of Z's long-time wishes to go fishing.
 Amanda and Aiden spend a lot of time together...half of it is fighting, the other half is relishing each other's company.  This day it was the latter.

Amanda put together a treasure hunt for Aiden.

 That night we celebrated Aiden's birthday with the cake I'd baked Saturday morning.  I had high hopes of decorating it with super heros, but accepted that right now in life, a jar of pre-made frosting is just right.

 July 16
I had some work to do at the house and the kids wanted to color.
 Sweet girl.
 July 17
My mom came and got the kids for a day at the lake (and always a trip to the dollar store :)!
 Since it was SO hot, it was easy to convince Shaun to take me out to an air-conditioned restaurant.
 July 18
 A sleepover with Pop and Kiki!  Again, Shaun and I used the opportunity to do some reconnecting.

Nathan came and got Z and Thomas and they went to a big rope swing.  The boys had a blast!
July 19
Once a month my dad does a service at this assisted living home.  He takes Aiden most months (he gets in trouble with the residents if he shows up without kids!  :), but usually the older kids are in school.  This time they all got to go!  Aiden calls this "doing the Lord's work".  :)

Check out Kiki's recent tag sale find...that guitar Amanda is playing $0.75!

Clearly, I didn't check Z's clothing choices before he left.  :)  He's reading some scripture here.

 In crazy, crazy heat, Shaun dealt with a fuel pump.  It was all loaded up for a dump run.  That all had to be taken out and the bed of the truck came completely off.

Thankfully, he was close to home and Nathan and Thomas were there to help.

 July 20
This sweet girl and I were fast friends.  I "get" six year olds.  :)
Amazing sunset!

When I got home, Shaun and the five kids were across the street at the neighbors.  They'd had a porch cookout and then opened their theater for a movie.  Great neighbors and friends!

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The Bug said...

Sounds like Aiden's birthday was thoroughly celebrated :)

Love Z's outfit - hilarious!

Gorgeous sunset!