Thursday, July 4, 2013

House Project {Week 13}

This week was spent in our bedroom area....the closet, the bathroom and the bedroom walls and ceiling.    The shower was time-consuming but its beautiful!  I thought about waiting to show you a picture until it was completed, but since you've come this far with us on the journey, I'll give you a preview.  I can hardly wait!  :)  

In between these projects, Shaun is also trying to rent two vacant apartments.

(Third floor landing)

Looking into the girls room...with the ceiling fan working.
Master shower

Sneak peek.....

Adventures at the home improvement store.  Aiden usually requests to ride in the cart (and who can blame him?) but this day he was feeling adventurous.  We did a marathon, multi-store shopping trip and as we were wrapping up, Aiden said, Mom, can we go home?  I forgot what it looks like!

Master bedroom and closet got several coats of mud.
Creative (separate) places for daily rest time.

 Lots of walking to and from...just two blocks from home.
 Paper airplanes everywhere.

 Shaun's lists..."to get" and "to do"

Some Pinterest action:

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