Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Its a Snow Day After All

I was at the gym early in the morning, doing my long run for the week.  Two schools came across the screen on the local news channel as being cancelled for the day.  Weird, I thought....they must be having trouble with their heat.

But then more schools began to appear and the weatherman came on to promise snow all day.

It was good timing to let the kids sleep in, since I'd let them stay up for the first half of the Super Bowl. When they woke up they were SO excited and even more so when the flakes started to fall.

Its hard not to join in with their enthusiasm even though it means a lot of extra, ill-timed work for Shaun and I doing snow removal.

 This is Amanda explaining, in detail, the finer points of steering the sled, right before I went down the hill.

 "Bum sledding" was the hit of the day with the younger three.  They got impressive speed and distance, just with their snow pants on.  Crazy kids!


The Bug said...

I love the joy on their faces! And your snow pictures are lovely.

Amy said...

Beautiful pics. I think it's funny you have back-to-back posts of hiking in sweatshirts with this one.

sara said...

how could you not join in with that enthusiasm?!! beautiful pictures!