Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project 365, Week 8

There's a strange man in our house this morning....Shaun's first day off from the office since January 16.  On the calendar, that's only six weeks, but in the every day of life, it seems like its been a lot longer.  However, by the grace of God (only!), we made it through another busy season!!  We're quite excited to get some family time today, which includes working on an apartment, but it will be in the same breathing space, and thats a good thing.

Here's a bit of this past week:

February 16
Every year, the kids go to my dad's church on Valentine's Sunday and help hand out carnations to all the ladies in attendance.  I had to run out in the morning, but when I got home Aiden had gotten himself all spiffy for church.
After service the girls helped serve.

 February 17
About twice a year my dad gathers everyone for a sledding/slip-n-slide party, depending on the time of year.  Winter or summer, I think the kids are equally happy making runs down the hill.

 My brother grabbed this pic of me giving Aiden some luvin'.
 R told me he had packed Aiden's snow gear for sledding.  He did, he just forgot mittens and boots!  No worries...MacGuyver Pop was able to fashion boots out of duct tape and a clothes hanger.
 February 18
A scheduled day off from school that ended up being a snow day.

 Grammy was up from Carolina and was able to spend some time here, including a bedtime story.
 February 19
Finally back to school, and finally able to celebrate Valentine's Day with her classmates.  Amanda came home with a bag of loot and let her brother take his pick.
 Everyone was helping in the kitchen.  R made fondant for the first time, preparing for a school project.

February 20
I love listening to these two play pretend in the monitor, taking advantage of a delayed school opening.

 Part 3 of 3 of Avery's school project.  Lord have mercy!
Feeling my pain, my sister sent this to me:

Aiden and I had a date at the aquarium, which was featuring Shark Week.  Such sweet time that I'll post more on later.
 February 21
Kiki sent me these pictures of Aiden and Pop serving in their monthly service at the assisted living home.  (Notice the two guitars in the back).  So thankful Aiden is learning from all directions that serving and giving are a natural part of everyday life.  From 4 to 94, we need to reinforce to ourselves that LIFE IS NOT ABOUT ME (I need that daily).

Our foster care agency hosted a life skills class for the kids on cooking, many who will soon be on their own and will hopefully know how to do more than pop Ramen noodles into the microwave.
 February 22
The kids had a Toby Mac jam session.  I think they performed an entire CD!  (Yes, Avery confirmed that for me. )

 R got a chance to hook up again with his bio brother, so while he was doing that, the kids and I spent some time with Auntie Sarah and Uncle Tony.  I was so happy to be able to get a few shots of her beautiful belly...just seven-ish more weeks til we get to meet the little guy!
 Then Avery had her first (and last of the season :( ) playoff game.  More on that later, too.

 Hope you have a great week.  C'mon March!!  :)


Amy said...

Avery, sorry about your basketball loss, but I LOVE your diorama. Nice work!

The Bug said...

That girl has worked SO HARD on this project! I loved the science project funny - so glad that apparently that trend never hit my school :)

That Aiden and his ties - so cute! Love his suit & snappy shirt at the nursing home.

It's hard to imagine all these foster kids just being sent out into the world like they're ready. I know I wasn't ready at 18...