Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day Times

I missed the mark for February's 10 on 10, so instead I'll post a look at our snow day last week, the second of the week, and not to be confused with the one coming this Thursday.

 Bacon is on Aiden's approved list, his only meat other than "chicken" nuggets.

 More Clue!
 Connect Four on the iPad.
 Shaun's morning at Block was cleared so he and Aiden went out plowing.  He's playing it cool here, but Aiden was SO excited to be included.
 Avery spent quite a bit of the day working on her mammoth school project.
 R and the dumb dog snowboarding.
 Snowball fight.
 Then we went to the University, where there is a very popular big hill, but first we did a smaller one.  Cold, windy and with freezing rain.  I kept smiling, hoping that would make me love it.

 Aiden's first and only time down the hill, his face proving that bigger is not always better.
 Then we went to the big hill.  The older three climbed up while Aiden watched a movie in the car.  It was a little too intimidating for the girls, both the steepness and all the college kids.

 After several failed attempts, this group finally had success with their tube train.
 Watching this group of "penguins" was worth the price of admission.  I couldn't stop giggling as I watched these college students go down on their bellies in their heavy duty garbage bags.

I wish I'd gotten some video capturing the shrieks and laughter on the hill.

 While we were out we stopped to see Daddy, who was having a slow day due to the weather.  We had his office torn apart in two minutes flat.
 When we got home I let the kids watch a movie.
 And a superhero helped me cook dinner.
Though it stinks to be racking up the snowdays, I sure do love having the kids around.


LuAnn said...

I loved snow days when the kids where little :) What a fun day!
Enjoy Thursday too :) sounds like a dandy coming.

The Bug said...

I never did like going sledding - I hate to be cold & wet. I'd MUCH rather watch a video of other people in the snow (or look at your pictures :) ).