Sunday, February 16, 2014

Project 365, Week 7

Another week that included two snow days.  Our little hill here at our new house has been such a blessing....they go up and down, up and down and I can watch them from my office.

In the 10-day forecast, I can see mid-40's temps, so I'm holding out hope....I've never known Spring to not arrive.

Here's a little of this past week, in pictures:

February 9
My nephew Jared and R got to cash in on their Christmas presents of a lift ticket.  R got to sleep over and hang out at the mall with kids his age and do dinner and a movie.  Then the two of them got up and went snowboarding ALL day under great conditions.
The kids were all cozzied-up watching the Olympics.
February 10
I'm helpless to say no when this little guy asks me to make him french toast.
February 11
We learned about primary colors.
Mom, do you like my submarine?
Amanda did laps with Aiden at Avery's practice....she has a beautiful stride.
February 12
The library has a fun 3-5 program learning science through story, song and experiments.  Aiden was also thrilled to walk out with popcorn and a lollipop.
After school, in anticipation of the snow, I took the kids back to the library to pick out some books and movies.

And after much asking, I finally made some time to take them to the pet store, where they watched the snakes, rats, etc with horrified fascination.

I used to be terrified of snakes, but when Avery was born I knew I did not want to pass that (unhealthy, unfounded) fear on to her so I made deliberate steps to get over it.  And now I can be in the aisle looking at them through glass or see them out in the yard without screaming and running the other direction.  I love to stomp on fear.  :)
February 13
Snow day #1 of the week.  I have big beautiful windows to watch it come down and it really is pretty.
Avery and I worked for four hours on her 10-page book project that she'd already worked on quite a bit.
Cousin Alayna came over to romp in the snow for a bit.
This is my favorite one of her.
February 14
Happy Valentine's Day and snow day #2.

I felt so bad that the kids would be missing their Valentine's class parties, but with a dozen donuts and a card for each one, they dubbed it "the best Valentine's Day ever" and me "the best mom".  I got four big squeezes and that's all I could have asked for.

They also did a secret kid huddle and declared it a "no fighting day", as a present to me.  (Amanda made sure to fill me in on the "secret" :)
So much shoveling (and talking myself out of grumbling).
February 15
Avery's last regular season game.  They only had six girls, so she played hard.
Last week, Auntie Sarah & Jared, Grandma & Grandpa Tom, this week Auntie Amy (and crew), Pop & Kiki.
MORE inches coming down.
Aiden and Amanda were sick, but Avery got to go home with Auntie Amy and have some special time, including a fashion show.  So grown up!


Amy said...

Avery is really growing up!!! -- Did you see C4 photobombing in our eclectic group shot at bball game?

Meg A. said...

I love the one of Aiden in the snow- too sweet!

The Bug said...

Great pictures this week! I'm taking your word for it that spring is coming :)

Love the look on the baby's face looking at Pop - adorable!

And that Avery - you can certainly see the young woman she's becoming...