Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Project 365, Week 5

*update: not sure why this stayed in my drafts…I didn't even notice until Shaun asked me about it. He probably wanted to see what his family did all week, since not only was he not around for it, but we didn't even have the time to talk about it. 

Happy Groundhogs Day!  I never care whether Phil sees his shadow or not....just the fact that we are talking about Spring and its eminent arrival makes me very happy.

The girls LOVED celebrating Catholic Schools week.  One of Avery's classmates went to Disney for the week and she was feeling bad that he'd missed such a special week, remarking that Catholic Schools week and Disney were on similar "fun planes".  However, she separated Disney from visiting Nana, putting Nana in a whole separate category, which I thought was sweet.  :)

Thinking about buying this t-shirt.  :)

January 26
These two found a cozy spot to work on their Awana books.  Love hearing scriptures floating down the stairs.

 January 27
First day of Catholic Schools week and Pajama Day!  Or so I thought.
All my jama kids lined up on our walk to school.  I was giving myself a little pat on the back for remembering to have the kids wear pajamas...on a Monday!  Pride goeth before the fall, People.

As we approached the school grounds, it became apparent that we were the ONLY ones in pajamas.  Back up the hill to change and an apology to the kids who were understandably a bit embarrassed.  It was the running joke around here all week.  :)
 January 28
My camera remote arrived and I hope it helps me get in more pictures.
 January 29
Parent luncheon at school.  I'm a blessed momma to call these girls mine and to receive unabashed hugs and kisses from them.  :)

 Avery's closest school friends, being silly.
 Aiden and Kiki went to visit their shut-in friend Ethel.  Oh. My. Word!
 January 30
Aiden and I had a sword fight to start the day.  We miss Daddy!!

We waited until 10 am for it to "warm up" to 20 degrees, then we hit the track for some speed work.  It was miserable but I felt so good after.
 Actual Pajama Day.
 Avery was tickled to be asked to play in Amanda's scrimmage to make the teams even and it was cute to watch both girls play together.
 My little runner boy.
 January 31
Cards and lollipops...perfect!

My little errand-runner buddy.  We stopped at two different town halls to pay property tax.  Once we established that it wasn't "taxis" or "texts", he wanted to know what "taxes" meant.

Well, Daddy and I have worked really hard to buy houses, so now we get to pay money to the town because we own houses and cars.  Sounded ridiculous, but I sugar coated my bitterness by explaining that it pays for our wonderful policemen and firemen.  :)  AND garbage pick-up....God bless the garbage man!

February 1
Aiden learned how to play War this week.

When your kids are little you think there will never be a day when family game night will actually be enjoyable for all.  I think its within our sights now though.
 Amanda's game first....

 ....then Avery.  This girl "played like an animal" as her coach told her after the game.  Suddenly, she was not only not afraid to be near the action, but was working hard to get the ball.  She earned her first ever foul....four of them, actually.

After, I was praising her, congratulating her on the fouls.  She couldn't understand what was so great about them, since it caused her to get pulled out of the game twice.  The fact the she was involved enough in the action to foul means we've come a long way!  :)

And....GO BRONCOS!!!


The Bug said...

I had wondered where your post was! I thought it wasn't like you to not at least explain :)

Go Avery! I'm proud of her!

SO SAD about the Broncos. Sigh. But Peyton is still the main man :)

Melody said...

I'd been wondering where it was and thought about texting you and then though to myself, Lisa has plenty of things on her plate, don't bother her about it!
LOVE the pj story :)