Monday, April 13, 2015

Doing Battle, Week 29

I'm DONE!! Radiation and chemotherapy are a thing of the past! 

It was a super special morning! The kids are on vacation this week and Shaun cleared his schedule for the morning so we were all able to go to my 8:30 AM appointment (except Ray who slept in from a late night). Amy met us there too. Once I was done with the treatment and paperwork, the nurses gathered around while the kids rang the bell.

I cannot say enough good about the entire staff at radiation. From Dr. H to the techs and nurses and receptionists, they all make an incredible team. They were so professional and friendly and helpful and compassionate. After 30 days, we got to know some of them well.

This is Mr. Phil. He often mans the front desk of the entire cancer center. When we first started, he was all business and didn't seem like he had any use for people, particularly children. I accepted the challenge and determined to win him over. We made a special point to stop by his desk each day and engage him in conversation. Before long, he was the one watching for Aiden, offering a special treat from his desk drawer and chatting with him. As you can see, they became tight.
Little did I know, there was a huge surprise waiting for me, right there in the parking lot of the cancer center!

These are some of my people. They have prayed for me, made us countless meals, sent regular cards/texts, and just tirelessly stood by us since September. And this day they showed up (Melody was Facetiming from Italy even!). They represent so many more who couldn't be here...I have been loved well.

Amy and Meg did a great job taking was so emotional and special and fun.

This guy has carried such a heavy load. I love him so.

This girl. She pulled it all together. She's been with me from the very first. The morning of the fateful colonoscopy, she met me in this very same parking lot to pray over me. She's the kind of friend who knows what you need before you do and she's got a huge, generous heart. I love you, Ame!
So you're probably wondering...I know this because everyone has been, what's next?

Next is a break. Its going to take 3-4 weeks for the pain and fatigue to subside so I'll continue to lay low and heal. Or at least I'll have good intentions of laying low. Sometime around the middle of May we'll do some testing. The surgeon will review the results and determine whether to do surgery or not. Our prayer is that the tumor is gone and no surgery is necessary.

Thank you for walking this journey with us thus far. That seven months later you are still involved, still caring, still following our story means so much. We're closer than we've ever been!


Meg A. said...

YES!!!! It is finished!! What a morning...what a journey! Couldn't be prouder of your strength, determination, grace and FAITH. So glad we had the chance to, literally, cheer you on! P.S. Love what you said about Ame- "...the kind of friend who knows what you need before you do..." SO true!

Amy said...

Love you so much! I'm so proud of you. You've endured what so many cannot. And you've done it with beauty and grace, continually pointing others to Christ in the process. Thanks for the little shout out, but it never seems like enough and loving you is effortless. XOXOX D-O-N-E

LuAnn said...

Done!!!!!! Im so excited for you. AnD this post made me cry. All those wonderful people waiting for you. Rest, feel better God is Good!!!!!
Hugs to you. You have been such a witness throufh it all.

Ashley Beth said...

With tears streaming down my face I praise God for this amazing milestone. Wow! I wish I could have been there at the "finish line" with the rest of Team Lisa. I am there in spirit and celebrate this news with you. I will continue to pray for the recovery and for that stinking' tumor to be GONE! God is so good, thank you for letting me be a part of seeing Him in action through you. Love to you!!

The Bug said...

I'm sitting here crying too - what a wonderful thing for Team Lisa to do! I'm glad you get to lay low & recoup some strength. And I'm praying for FABULOUS results!

Laura said...

Wish I could have been there. Couldn't wait to see pictures. You are loved and God has been gracious and seen you through. Rest up now, sweet friend.

sara said...

YES!!! As I looked at the pictures of all those people in the parking lot I thought "there are so many more there in spirit!" :) You are so loved! praying now for your rest!!!

Jackie said...

Tearing up while reading this...and yes to what Sara many more with you, thinking of you, praying for you. You are so loved, and I am so thankful that this part is behind you!

Carrie said...

So excited for you that this part of the journey is over. Love the part about Aiden making this a ministry and winning over that gentlemen. Your focus throughout has been a challenge and encouragement. Praying that the tumor is gone!