Sunday, April 19, 2015

Project 365, Week 16

It was so great to have the kids around on school vacation...the weather was amazing so they were happy playing outside, but most days also had a little extra-special tucked in, thanks to grandparents and aunts.

We dealt with teenage drama, but Shaun was around after being gone for three and a half months! He's incredibly patient and wise and logical and I'm always amazed at how appropriately he handles situations. Thankful for him and I know one day all these boys that we've had in our home will be grateful they we guided by such a man of integrity.

There were celebrations in our household, but they were brief because...well, life goes on. That's just the way things happen around here.

April 12
This was a survival-mode kind of day. I was in great pain for much of the day and Shaun was working his last Sunday at the tax office. So he talked me into letting the kids watch a movie after they'd done their chores, even though it was a beautiful day out. Some days you just gotta go with it, I guess.
 April 13
A morning I will never forget! A beautiful representation of Team Lisa was waiting in the parking lot of the cancer center to celebrate with me as I wrapped up radiation and chemo.
When we got home, it was a beautiful day. The kids thought it was warm enough to don bathing suits and have a water fight (it wasn't but they did anyway). They set themselves up with a picnic while I met with R's social worker.
After she left, I got a call from a DCF worker I didn't know. Our agency knows we are closed for respite care right now, but this worker was representing "S", who we've had multiple times over the last couple years. He was getting released from the hospital (because he'd had a seizure at school) and the doctor didn't want him to go back to college right away. I agreed, only because he was recouping and so was I...sounded harmless enough.

He got settled in and seemed genuinely happy to see us again. I've kept in touch with cards and care packages, but I hadn't really heard how he was doing so it was wonderful to hear that he is soon to finish out culinary school and has an externship already lined up. Back in July when I dropped him off at school I really didn't think he'd last two glad I was wrong!

That night he woke me up at 12:30, he was feeling seizure sensations and was frightened. We sat on his bed together, I rubbed his back and prayed and we waited out each wave. At one point I called the doctor. At about 3:00 AM he was feeling better but knew he wouldn't have time to get me if he actually had an episode. So, I made a bed on the floor in his room and "slept" the rest of the night there. Thankfully, he didn't end up having any problems and started feeling better as the week went on.
April 14
For Amanda's birthday, Auntie Sarah bought Amanda a horseback riding lesson. Then ALL the snow came, but Sarah didn't forget about it. This day the snow was gone and Amanda was on school vacation so it worked out. Sarah picked her up and brought her and reported that Amanda seemed to be a natural. She loved every minute of it, especially the part when she was doing it on her own. I fear Sarah may have started something.

Neither Avery or S could get the TV turned on, and I've never known how to do it, so Avery had to settle for "watching" the Red Sox game online. The girl is a crazy fan...she checks the box scores in the morning, too.
April 15
Late in the season last year my mom bought a lot at a campground. Its set on a beautiful river in the quiet country. We met Amy and the kids and Bobbi set them up with fishing poles.

Shaun had a brief block of time so we stopped in to see him. LAST day to file!!
He got home at 8:30 PM and the kids were anxious to celebrate his birthday. Happy birthday AND happy last day of taxes (kinda sorta)!
April 16
Shaun's mom took the three kids to Old Sturbridge Village. It was a beautiful day to be walking around outside and since its spring, they even got to see some baby animals. It was reported that the potter's shop was the most popular.

April 17
We sent both R and S to Youth Convention/Fine Arts and they had a phenomenal time. Pop and Kiki took the younger three to the nursing home service and a concert and kept them overnight.

I can't stand word problems, but here's one even I can do:

Shaun and Lisa had five kids. They gave five away. How many kids do Shaun and Lisa have left? The answer...(a miraculous) NONE! So we cashed in a gift card and did dinner, then came home and watched a movie that was not animated. It was wonderful!
April 18
Back at the kid thing at 8:30 in the morning, poolside....
...and then T-ball.
After, Sienna and the kids came over on a perfect weather day. Avery made everyone sandwiches and they had a little picnic.


Amy said...

FUN vacation week! Glad you had blocks of times without kiddos. Sounds nice....I'll have to work on that!

Meg A. said...

Such a great week! The horseback riding and trip to Sturbridge sound like great highlights...and of course all the outside time = wonderful! I teared up at the seizure scare in the middle of the glad he has you guys. Even in your pain, helping others through your heart!

The Bug said...

What a great week! So glad you were able to be there for S - you guys rock!