Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project 365, Week 17

We're getting what we can out of spring, even though the temperatures are still so cool. I'm thankful for continued health and for the strength to be hanging out with my kids.

April 19
The kids were a bit restless and it was a beautiful day, so I took them for a picnic lunch to our local state park. Water and rocks is all you really need, but they also have very easy "hiking" trails.

April 20
The Hulk, working for a lego set.

Mom, I think I love legos fourth.
Oh yeah...what comes before legos?
I love:
1. God
2. my mom
3. my family
4. legos

April 21
The girls and I took a slow, easy walk and admired spring and the life it brings.

April 22
One of three roofs that Shaun really needs to get done this year and now that tax season is over, they are digging in. Nathan and Jeremiah were doing the edge and getting brackets in place.

Baking cookies. I'm not entirely sure if they like to help or if they just like to be in the vicinity of the needs-to-be-licked beater.
April 23
These two snuggled up together while the Red Sox were playing. Here Avery is showing Aiden how to crochet, later she was quietly talking him through balls and strikes.
April 24
Another day, another dollar...still working off that lego set.
 I went to a work lunch, so Shaun took Aiden roofing and then around noon they changed and went to the office for the afternoon. Be still my heart!

 This year the girls had the choice between softball and soccer. Avery chose soccer and we convinced Amanda to go along with it so we'd only have them in one sport, on one team. (She will tell you we made her, which I guess is another way you could put it ;) Either way, its a good sign that spring sports are underway!

Amanda was all grins when she came over and told me that Coach had asked her to play goalie for him again this season.
April 25
A full day that started with swim and T-ball.


Amy said...

Best picture is the boys at the office!!! Glad you're feeling good enough to be out and about, walking and taking pictures.

Meg A. said...

Love the Aiden-at-the-office pics! Thankful for a new week and the fact that with each week comes improved health for you and a return to complete normalcy!

The Bug said...

Oh be still my heart too - he is so cute! And useful - I could sure use an Aiden to help me out. I'd pay him in all the Legos he wanted!

Don't tell Avery, but I'm kind of anti-Red Sox (& Yankees) - but since we're National League people it doesn't matter until the World Series :)

Oh, and I was always all about the beaters & not so much the help. In fact, I still am. Ha!