Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Project 365, Week 14

This was what we call "Passion week", four shows, which means Shaun is not home at all and the kids are playing catch-up with sleep. :) Thankfully, their Sister Principal is very supportive of them being involved in the Easter production and their teachers are gracious about them coming in late several mornings (in fact, both teachers attended one of the performances). Despite the craziness its one of the highlights of our year.

We're also starting to get outside more, which is so very exciting!!

March 29
Riding the church shuttle from the commuter lot to the church is a favorite part of Passion of the King week. This day we just happened to get on the bus with cousins. Happy Day!

March 30
I met my brother and sister at my mom's house for an Easter egg hunt, since they wouldn't be around for Easter Day. Many of the eggs were filled with money and we collected a record $79 for The Kitchen of Love in Guatemala (made even more special and personal this year because R worked there on the missions trip last summer).

March 31
Avery took this...its a good sign! Welcome, mud!!

Before we leave the subject of March, did you know its Colon Cancer Awareness Month? I know...I never knew that either. But now that I an painfully aware, I feel I've earned the right to bug you about getting screened.

Early detection can make such a difference. Go get a colonoscopy, mammogram, visit your primary care doctor for a full physical. Be responsible and proactive with your health. My favorite former method of ignoring something until is goes away does NOT always work. Clearly.

April 1
Two years ago this day we closed on this house. In my heart I affectionately called it an orphanage, because I saw the bedrooms being filled with foster children. Though we've taken somewhat of a break from that (even though in no way does R feel like "a break" ;) I still know this house was a gift from God and that He has a plan and a purpose for it.

The yard is a huge blessing and it was fun to peek out and see baseball happening on the first hint of a nice day, well in advance of all the snow being gone. Aiden cannot wait to start "the big leagues", aka T-ball. :)

April 2
Sweet girl.
April 3
The final Passion performance...Good Friday. Amy sent me this picture of all the cousins posing with Jesus. Aiden says Renna didn't know that Jesus was in the shot, otherwise she would have run away. :) So, so grateful they have an opportunity to minister in this capacity that grows and stretches them and gives them a heart for lost souls.
April 4
Amy and Shaun's mom came over to help clean and set up for Easter.
 Sienna took the kids to dye eggs and make cookies. Cousins...what a gift!


Meg A. said...

A busy week but one with lots of cousin-time...so fun! I love that one of Manda Girl, she is such a beauty!

The Bug said...

Holy week was pretty full around here too, but not nearly as cute (well, I think Mike is pretty cute, but he's no child in a Passion Play!).

I'm glad to have my colonoscopy behind me (badumbump), and I had my mammo a few months ago & a physical just two weeks ago. It's kind of exhausting taking care of your body once you get to a certain age! But the peace of mind it brings...

Amy said...

Screening next month! HOWEVER, I'm not convinced that you've been cured from your ignore till it goes away attitude. We'll talk!

Aiden is right. As soon as Renna noticed Jesus, she scrammed!