Sunday, April 12, 2015

Project 365, Week 15

I wasn't sure I'd get this post up today, I've spent much of the day in over-the-top pain. But I'm feeling much better now and have a quiet house.

Our week was pretty quiet, by design. Lots and lots and lots of couch sitting (not pictured).

April 5
April 6
Red Sox opening day. Avery has become quite a sports fan, particularly baseball. Her daddy snuck out of work for an hour to watch some of the game with her when she got out of school. The first thing she does in the mornings in check the box scores. 

I'm not a big fan, but I do love watching the two of them share that passion and I love the season that baseball ushers in.
Busy boy. Always busy. Also, we still have snow in our yard!

April 7
Pop and Kiki stopped over to help with homework and general kid-corralling. They got to work helping Amanda get through a project due later in the week. Good thing, because she and I were not seeing eye-to-eye on it.
April 8
It was "special person lunch" at school, so Aiden and I ducked in for a couple minutes.
Shaun came home and announced we really needed to work on our taxes, which are always a bear. I tried pulling the cancer card with him, to no avail. He soon realized my mush brain wasn't terribly helpful and sent me to bed. :)
April 9
When my birthday came around in January it was not a good time in life to renew my license. I've been cleared to go out in public for a while, but have been dragging my feet on getting to the DMV....I think I was waiting for something bad to happen because of my expired license, but Shaun convinced me to go with him, since he was almost due.

People don't believe me when I say I've lost about half my hair, but I think its pretty obvious in this side-by-side. (And the blond highlights are because my husband likes them and they hide my gray. :)
April 10
April 11
My nephew's first birthday! I had the honor of taking his first photos on the day he was born....just like his big brother, he was an especially beautiful baby (one in the positive column for c-sections!).

From that day I remember while in the waiting room of the hospital I got a frantic late Friday phone call from the social worker, looking for us to take a respite for the week. Since Shaun and the kids were doing the Good Friday service of Passion of the King, he and I weren't able to talk about it, but I still agreed to take him. At 10:30 PM, after leaving the hospital, I picked S up from his emergency situation and met up with my family in the church parking lot before we all headed home.

Just one year later, one the same date, I spent the day on the couch, confined by pain and fatigue and missing the family party.

I think sometimes we can get so caught up in our circumstances and struggles that we make it about us and take our eyes off of God. We forget to see the goodness that He brings EVERYday and if we aren't careful, we can fail to see His grace and the purpose those hard situations serve. In both April 11th scenarios, I believe God was working His plan, one is just more obvious to me. But this I know...He makes all things work together for my good.

Sienna graciously brought the girls with her so they wouldn't miss out.

First softball practice of the season. I watched a bit of it from the warmth and comfort of my car.

We have a REALLY exciting week coming up! Radiation gets DONE and tax season gets DONE!! I'll post my Doing Battle post later in the day (not that I'm always prompt with posting first thing) because I want to include the news that I'm done! :)


sara said...

this weekend I felt specifically led to pray for your pain I know why. Almost done!!!! I look forward to that post!

Meg A. said...

I love the one of Pop and Kiki doing homework with Amanda...SO sweet! So glad today is here! You are our CHAMPION!

The Bug said...

So sorry you had so much pain last week! And I'm so glad you have so much family around to help...