Friday, April 10, 2015

My Redeemer Lives

"Easter Sunday" for us is actually Saturday evening. This is the service we love and regularly attend and we have some pretty special friends who go, too. Meg caught these first two...priceless!

Annual family photo.
R and his sweet girlfriend.
The next morning we prepared for our brunch guests. I had my top-notch crew planting a few flowers to add some color to the otherwise drab yard.

I was so blessed to have everyone pitch in. My nurses weren't too pleased when they asked me what I was doing and I said Easter was at my house. I told them not to worry...I wasn't doing a thing except showing up. 

We just had a pretty perfect day of being together, enjoying each other and the myriad of cute kids kicking around.

Since there's an 18-year age gap with the kids, we have to get a little creative. This year they were split into three groups: the teen boys, the "middles" and the "littles". 

Uncle Nathan worked his usual magic with the scavenger hunt for the teens (always in the midst of tax season). This year was a photo/video challenge and they were awarded points for doing certain things and proving it with a cell pic or video. It took them several hours and when they got back we all gathered around the tv to see what they'd done. It was genius and provided great entertainment. Some favorites:

Hugging a stranger (pic)
Stranger biggie back (pic)
Fast food drive thru: one person piggy back making car sounds (video)
In a retail store, team member trying on an article of clothing much too small and asking the store clerk if it fits (video)
Acting out a Disney scene (video)
20 second music video with ALL team members (video)

We figured it was time for the boys to step up and make a scavenger hunt for the middles (Madison, Nathanael & Avery...Trevor and Amanda are nobodys fool...they were given the choice and opted to stay with the traditional egg hunt, thereby optimizing their candy spoils.) Watching the three boys try to implement the scavenger hunt "they" created was pretty humorous. Rookies! Uncle Nathan makes it look easy. ;)

The final group was the littles, 8 and under, let out to find plastic eggs in intervals according to age.

Chilly and drizzly...the dads were having a blast.


Melody said...

Well, all of these pictures made me bawl! What a joyous day!

Amy said...

You were a champ! Great job hosting and keeping the fun tradition for us! It was a tremendous celebration!

Meg A. said...

What a day! You are such a trooper. I think your Easter (and Christmas) posts might be my favorite of the whole year! This year was no exception. LOVE the scavenger hunt snippets! P.S. The two photos of Avery with her little cousins are the sweetest!

The Bug said...

What a fun day for everyone! That picture of Amanda with dirt on her knees looks like me right now - I was helping Mike plant some bulbs. Ha!