Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wax Museum

Avery's fourth grade class has been diligently working on a major project. They each chose an important historical figure and researched and learned about him/her. In art class they painted a portrait of the person, in computer class they typed their paper. 

All that work culminated into a "wax museum" day. They each dressed as their character and stood next to a display they set up, then opened it up to students, parents and family. Each time someone pressed a paper button, the "wax figure" would come to life and give a prepared speech about themselves. Avery was Amelia Earhart.

I asked Avery what her favorite thing she learned was (Aiden happened to be in the vicinity when I asked her) My favorite thing I learned was that she flew around the world (Aiden: well, she didn't quite) and how she was (Aiden: a tomboy?) brave. We're a family...when one of us learns about Amelia, we ALL learn about her. :)

The event was really well done and I was impressed how much Avery learned about research and writing a paper, all while having fun. The grandparents who saw her raved and yesterday my mom called to tell me Avery made the front page of our local paper.  


sara said...

way to go Avery! I remember when each of my kids did that! so fun!

Melody said...

Woohoo, go Avery!

Meg A. said...

So cool! I LOVE her painting!

Amy said...

Go, Avery! Go, Avery!!!! So cool! And the front page! Yeah, BABY!!!!!! You look great!

Amy said...

Also...maybe next time you could let me know ahead of time (hint, hint) and we can come as a field trip!

The Bug said...

How cool! I have a friend whose sons' school did the same thing last week. One of them was Teddy Roosevelt & the other one... I don't remember. He wore a suit... She took pictures of a lot of the kids & it was so cool to see them all dressed up in character.

On another note, I dreamed about Avery last night (I know - bizarre!). She was helping me with something & she had the cutest SOUTHERN accent. Wait, what? Very funny. You'll be glad to know that she was very helpful :)