Monday, August 3, 2015

Doing Battle, Week 45

Its still hard to believe the month of July happened like it did. It feels like we'll never be over the trauma of it all, but I know in reality it won't be long at all.

I've been home nearly a week and its been incredible. (Thanks to my sister, I came home to a clean house, caught-up laundry and a stocked refrigerator.) We've done a lot of hanging at home, reading together, playing games, walking and just being. It still doesn't feel normal yet, but it feels good to be re-connecting.

Mostly, I'm feeling better and better. I nap everyday, but can also do light housework and give directions, love and supervision to children.

The visiting nurse is here everyday to change the wound dressing. For several reasons, we opted to take the wound vac off late last week. I don't know if it will stay off but the break from it has been welcomed. The pain, hassle, noise and inconvenience of it are not missed.

We go back to NYC tomorrow to see the surgeon and the infectious disease doctor. I'm just paranoid enough that I'm going to throw a couple "overnight" items into a bag for our "day trip" into the city.

I'm low on words today (so. sick. of. cancer.) so I wanted to include some random pictures from the month of July that I haven't posted yet.

Thank you for checking in, for caring, for praying, for believing. I'm ever grateful for Team Lisa.


Ashley Beth said...

SO happy to read that you are home again! Thought of you many times this week and prayed for you each time I did. I was hiking near our house and on a really horribly steep part when I wanted to quit, you popped into my mind. The endurance you've shown throughout this illness is unmatched and so inspiring. Praying God's special favor and tender care over you and yours this week!

The Bug said...

Gorgeous flowers! And I want to eat that bowl of fruit RIGHT NOW (never fear, I have a similar bowl waiting to be my afternoon snack).

Michele said...

Happy to hear you are home again! Happy Birthday Aiden #6!!!!! I understand how you feel missing being with him. Abigail's 2nd Birthday and we were hosting Thanksgiving I ended up in the hospital on bed rest and didn't leave for 3 months, each day not knowing if Madison and I would survive. Beyond hard because I couldn't even hold Abigail and she was so confused. God is faithful and I am so glad Amy was able to make a special day for him and keep you a part of it. Hugs to you Lisa! You are loved beyond what you could ever imagine.