Saturday, August 1, 2015

Project 365, Week 30

Another eventful week around here. We're pretty desperate for boring, run-of-the-mill, mundane, predictable, average...this wasn't it.

July 19
Family Star Wars night. I don't care for it, but everyone else is WAY into it.
 July 20
Aiden escorted me around the block for my morning walk and when Avery woke up she came and found us.

 July 21
R has his driver's license AND a registered, insured car! Two years ago when he came to us at 17 this was an impossible feat by any measure. Its been untold amounts of work, but here we are!
July 22
As you know, a routine follow-up with the surgeon landed me back at the hospital. We checked into Urgent Care and there we waited for about five hours in the hallway.

Soon after we got there, I sweet-talked the desk person into getting me in the system so I could order dinner before the kitchen closed. She did it, but was apologetic when it came time for me to order because she didn't have a menu. Slightly embarrassed, I assured her I didn't need one because I had the menu memorized.
The kids got to hang with Auntie Sarah and play with a walking AJ. We thought we'd all be home for dinner but as it turned out, Shaun didn't pick them up until midnight.

July 23
Begrudgingly, I had to admit the view is truly beautiful and the fact that I was sick of it didn't change that. This day was spent doing the drain procedure...
...or swimming with cousins, depending on which state you were in. :)
 July 24
This day began with a beautiful sunrise but quickly deteriorated from there. I developed a C Diff infection and things turned ugly for 48 hours. Now that we can look back, we are so thankful I was in the hospital when it happened. They were able to jump to action and handle it properly.
My superwoman sister took seven kids on a road trip to upstate New York to visit our aunt, uncle and cousin. I got pictures and videos and reports, all telling of a grand time. So glad my kid have those memories.
July 25
This was the view from my third and fourth room...a major commercial construction project, right there in the middle of everything. When I was feeling better, it was completely fascinating to watch them work and to see that crane in operation.
 More NY fun.


Meg A. said...

A rough week for sure but so grateful God is and was faithful! Love that last shot of Amanda at the stove!

Carrie said...

So sorry :( I've had C Diff and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Hope it is only up from here. So glad for God's sustaining grace.

The Bug said...

I am glad you were in the hospital when the infection was discovered, but man you are due for some drama-free time! Despite the circumstances, I love that picture of the sun hitting the skycraper...