Sunday, August 2, 2015

Project 365, Week 31

You know how some months just fly by? This July was a strange didn't fly by, it was just lost. I desperately wish I could have a re-do of the month, only this time do it in real life so I could take my kids to the river, hang out at my sister's pool, go to the cabin in Maine, weed my yard, spend mornings out on the porch, train for the fall marathon.

Its nothing I can stay and dwell on, but I do mourn the lost time. We'll just have to do up the next three weeks before I send all three of my children off to that bad, mean school. Happy August!

July 26
This morning dawned bright and early (they all do in a hospital). By 8 AM I'd been removed from all kinds of tubes and wires and I was being packed up to move back down to the 15th floor where I was on my original stay.

Upon my arrival I was immediately greeted by name by an amazing PCT (Patient Care Technician). I was so happy to see him because he's just so helpful and considerate. He asked what I needed and I said I really wanted a shower and that I came to the hospital with just the clothes on my back.

When I went into the bathroom later, I found he had so sweetly set me up with everything I needed, including shampoo and conditioner poured into little cups. I nearly cried.
July 27
My cousin came to keep an eye on me and keep me company. She's the one who stayed with us three weeks over the winter. She's gentle and intuitive and knows how to do the hard stuff well.

Back at home, my sister was making sure my kids were well cared for...all while her husband and oldest two were away on a missions trip!

July 28
We grabbed the kids from Amy's on our way home. SO happy!!

July 29
I had little people come find me in the morning when they woke up. You don't realize all the things you take for granted when you get to do your regular life day after day.
 July 30
The girls laid out a blanket for me so I could be out with them while they played. Bikes seem to be the most popular these days, and this particular time they were playing Star Wars, too.

July 31
The kids are so sweet to join me on my walks around the block. This day we were all pretty happy because the nurse had taken off the vacuum, which I really don't like and they may even feel more strongly about it.
August 1
Nana and John were up from Florida this weekend but sadly were not able to stay with us because of the infection I have. As my first official non-doctor outing, we went and chilled on Nathan and Laryssa's new deck. The short time we were there was exhausting, but it was oh so good to be out and with my people.

I'm going to attempt something crazy this week and maybe pull out my good camera for intentional pictures and give my cell phone a rest. As long as I have a small lens on it, its under my 10 lb lifting restriction.

Be blessed!


Melody said...

Yay for a blanket on the lawn and walks in the sun!

The Bug said...

You know, I didn't consider until this post that you would have much preferred February surgery - that month would be perfectly fine to be lost!

It's good to see pictures of you at home...