Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kid Quotes

Amanda: Mom, I love you so much.  If Jesus and Mary weren't alive, I would love you the most. (Spoken like a good catholic school girl ;)

Aiden: I was smarter when I was three.  I dont know about that, honey.  I think you are a pretty smart five year-old. What makes you think you were smarter when you were three? Well, back then I didn't know as much so I had less to keep track of in my head.

Amanda: (in a tattle-tale voice) Mo-oom...Aiden said he loves me as much as the Romans loved Jesus....and they hated Jesus! (Aiden was snickering in the background)

Aiden was headed outside to do an errand outside in the crazy snow. As he was walking out he called over his shoulder, If I don't make it back, Amanda, you can have all my money. I laughed and Amanda said, No really Mom...we all signed contracts the other day.

Aiden: Mom, did you know boys were made out of dust and girls were made from angels. That's why boys like to get dirty and girls don't. Hmm...well, what about Amanda? She's a girl and she likes to get dirty. Well...(shrugs shoulders, shakes head) that's just the choice she makes.

Aiden: Mom, isn't it so weird that girls like boys and boys like girls? It should be boys like boys and girls like girls. Buddy, one day your "bros" won't quite cut it and I promise someday you'll find some merit in boys and girls being together. ;)

(We were in the middle of Aiden's first-ever Battleship game. In the middle of the game, the visiting nurse came so we put it on hold. Later when I came downstairs...) Aiden, ever-so contritely...Mom, can I tell you something that I regress? And then he showed me this paper, where he had written "G1", the position of one of my ships.

Mom, can I tell you a secret? I don't think Daddy should have let me watch Star Wars.
How come Buddy? Have you had nightmares?
No. Its just that I don't think I'm a very good Christian because I think about Star Wars way more than I think about God now.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my word. Such a great way to start the day, especially that remark about the Romans!

LuAnn said...

Thanks for the chuckles.

Meg A. said...

SO cute! The one about Amanda's choice and the one about Star Wars are my faves!

Amy said...

WoW!!!! Some real gems here!!! I love the insight into their brains. So glad you write them down!

The Bug said...

I think Aiden's onto something about that memory business :)